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Calling All Beautiful Girls

on Feb 05, 2010


Want to be one of the beatiful girls featured in B.o.B's new video "Nothin' On You" ft. Bruno Mars? All you have to do is follow the simple rules below and submit your photos to! The 10 girls with the most beautiful & unique look will have their picture featured in the actual music video!

- Must be 18+
- Photo in COLOR.
- File type: JPEG or TIFF.
- Must include the month and year of your birthday.


Camera Settings:
- Camera should be a 4 megapixel or higher.
- Resolution set to "Fine" or higher.
- DPI set to 200 (If camera set to "Fine"

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RWD Magazine (UK) - B.o.B 'Act To Watch In 2010'

on Feb 05, 2010

B.o.B named "One of the most exciting singers/rappers around…". About time.

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A Day In The Life of B.o.B pt. 1

on Feb 03, 2010

B.o.B may have a hit single, but this stuff is hard work. 


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B.o.B "Nothin On You" is #1 Most Added song on Urban Radio this week!

on Feb 02, 2010

I spent the weekend driving around Beverly Hills and B.o.B's "Nothin' On You" was blasting from four different cars at every single stoplight.

It's the hottest record in the world right now and it's the #1 most added song on Urban Radio this week. That hook'n flow combo is tearin' up the charts like the Chicago Fire in 1871. That bitch burned to the ground.

Also, if you live in Huntsville, AL - get in your car and come out and meet B.o.B @ Bench Warmers tonight! Where you at?