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Chat with B.o.B on Soundrop

on Apr 21, 2014


Chat directly with B.o.B on Thursday, April24th @ 3PM! DOWNLOAD & STREAM "John Doe". Join the chat:

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B.o.B on The Today Show

on Apr 18, 2014

Check out B.o.B and Priscilla on the Today Show performing "John Doe" from the new album Underground Luxury. Download "John Doe" or Stream and add to your playlists!

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Stream B.o.B's "John Doe" Playlist on Spotify

on Apr 17, 2014

Stream B.o.B's "John Doe" Playlist on Spotify ( Send B.o.B your "John Doe" Playlists to: and he will shar his favorites each week!

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B.o.B On The Today Show (4/18)

on Apr 15, 2014

Tune in to the Today Show 4/18 to watch B.o.B perform "John Doe" with Priscilla LIVE. Download "John Doe" today: