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Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore

Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore

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on Jun 17, 2010
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dat was awesome...big up b.o.b

sherrien85's picture

love it xoxox ;-)

tripin's picture

B.O.B is a great rapper form ATL

Cynth's picture

I love this song!!!

martinmek's picture

the best song and lyrics of all time!!!!!

b.o.bpoemlover's picture

@Fay Fay the blackness is a dark state of mind like depression or rage

b.o.bpoemlover's picture

this song is truly amazing... and poetic

b.o.bpoemlover's picture

this song is truly amazing... and poetic

themegaboom5's picture

speaking of wishes I can only wish you dont do a song with justin bieber. There are other people like R Kelly, Pitbull, Taio Cruz, Black Eyed Peas, Snoop Dog, The guy from I like it who's name I Don't know how to spell, it would be haliours if you did a song with Tay Zonday, there is also baby bash, T Pain, Lil Wyane, you could bring bow wow or sojula boy back so see i just gave you 12 or if you count all the black eyed peas solo 15 good options and i good give u a lot more but there is only a limited amount of characters doing a song with justin bieber is like going all in knowing your going to lose the hand or killing yourself execpt it's not your life it's your carrer I can only hope you make the right decision Bobby Ray Simmons jr

Mr. A's picture

I wish right now that all what was done in human history to be undo so that we change!
I wish right now that all bad things be exterminated and ppl be more happy!
I wish right now that i could take all the pain in this world and pack it into me so that i carry with me to the other world and salute Satan!
I wish right now that i could put a simple smile to everybody's face and say a happy thought!
I wish right now that ....

timdude:)'s picture

hi B.o.B u rock

timdude:)'s picture

why does hayley look so weird with all the light on her face at 2:24?
im gonna buy the adventures

timdude:)'s picture

fay fay should shut up its a great song

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Fade to the Blackness means your not really noticable anymore. you just lose your time to show what you really have to the blackness is like if your popular you go to not really unpopular but people dont really care who you are brett farve he is in the blackness. he retired twice and nobody cares for him anymore..
Hope you undestand now
Love this song lol

Fay Fay's picture

I like the song more now that I've seen The Video
But the lyrics are retarded styll.
I mean what the hell is the blackness?

Nick McCabe's picture

We interviewed B.o.B yesterday! He's in New Zealand at the moment and we got the chance to chat with him... Such a good guy!
Take a look!

B.o.B_2's picture

i love this song xD its the best of the year!!

iLoveeB.o.B's picture

i loveee this sonqqq ! itt is so qreat !!!!!!

airplanesxx's picture

love it is my song

Ethan's picture

my fav!!!!!!!

LuLu's picture

My Fav. Video ;D

LuLu's picture

This song is soooooo goooodddd *__*

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2 Thumbs Up!!! ; - )

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Why is the video skipping i have broadband but it still skips everytime. Please load it onto youtube so i can watch the video clearly.