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B.o.B Underground Luxury Playlist

Win a Signed Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Camera


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    Win a Signed Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Camera
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    December 01, 2011

    Hold up. We have a ton of these awesome Fuji cameras signed by B.o.B himself. We want you to have one. To enter, all you have to do is comment on this post in the blog below. We will pick at least five winners at random. Good luck. 

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on Dec 01, 2011

Hold up. We have a ton of these awesome Fuji cameras signed by B.o.B himself. We want you to have one. To enter, all you have to do is comment on this post in the blog below. We will pick at least five winners at random. Good luck. 


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I want to see B.o.B in europe(germany?!). he is soo talented and i love his lyrics! his songs are like poetry or spiritually! you can't compare it to all this mainstream hip hop sh**! aaaand i need this camera to take pictures of my girlfriend when she take her shirt off ;) like B.o.B rap in his song 'camera :D no i need this camera for the future concert in europe. if i would get a camera, you couldn't be more worng..peace

S.J.KING's picture

B.?.B !!

S.J.KING's picture

Bobby Ray Is Da Best No Doubt !!!!
We Love You B.O.B

Nicole Fabo's picture

I love your music since I heard 'I'll be in the sky'. In Slovakia your music is not very known among other people, which is a shame, but I adore your every song. Please, come to concerts in the heart of Europe - Slovakia.
A great opportunity! ;) It has long been thinking of buying this Polaroid, but signed by B.O.B.? Perfect! I want it, I love it! :)

CaneRollBarbie's picture

I LOVE B.O.B!!!!! :)

eirini's picture

I wanna meet B.o.B but sure a signed camera will do too! ;)

Awe ElectroHop's picture

awesome,yeah still awesome~!

popstarr's picture

i want this!!!! pleeeeaaasssee :) this would make my year :D x luv b.o.b x love the new epic mixtape too ... who says you've changed, still the same amazin b.o.b :)

David_10's picture

this is awsomee!!! I must have one of this, B.O.B is the best !!!

Djole Djole's picture

Respect B.O.B. and hi from Serbia...

jingstir's picture

B.o.B, you are so talented.

above_mars's picture

im tryna snap some pics of BoB with a camera he signed..

Gordon R's picture

EPIC was the perfect name for this one! Haven't stopped listening to it yet!

Limeface's picture

B.o.B is one of the best artists in the music industry today, B.o.B FTW!

madhuranand007's picture

Honestly speaking, i must say the Strange Clouds (wwwooooowwww) is the best album atleast for me and I love to listen it day and night... Love u B.o.B. awesome BASSSSSSS ....wooooo

SammyBabii's picture

just saw B.o.B november 29th in NYC at the bowery ballroom... the concert was AMAZING .. best one I've been too! and I'm pretty sure i saw this camera being used for a picture or two by someone on the stage hahahah!!! would love to have one autographed!!

Hayk's picture

ima light it up in mah adidas kicks and take pix of my strange clouds :)

obmwitja's picture

loved ur performance w/The Roots on Fallon las wk!

Akash Mankar's picture

I will definitely shoot some 'strange clouds' with my SIG ED Fuji with BoB music on my iPod ;)

IJLondon's picture

B.o.B songs make up a full playlist for my ipod and I just listen on shuffle because I have over 150 songs in that playlist... but for the B.o.B vs Bobby Ray mixtape, I'd have to say that Bobby Ray appeals to me more ;P besides that is an EPIC name, no need to be ashamed (but you know that now Bobby)

Qofny11's picture

I got the magic in Me

mayhalovesdamusiclynn's picture

I love me some B.O.B. i think he is so amazing
i cant wait till he comes to new orleans to da dirty south to see him in concert
But come on hook a big fan up wit a camera

K(Soul)77's picture

B.O.B and me should just wear our addias colors and do a photo shoot with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Camera. How about that B.o.B sound like a plan?

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CarolineBlovEsboB's picture

Hundredth, now 300th??? ;( I'm dying to get this camera. IV always loveeeeeeed b.o.b soooo much it's kinda crazy. Especially ever since I saw him live at isa la back in september where he stayed up there for like 20 songs it seemed like just keepin the crowd going crazy. He was by far my fav act there

IJLondon's picture

Why so sexy?

Clearlyblink182's picture

Love it

rbeastification's picture

B.o.B. is such a BOSS!!! No jk around here. A collaboration with Weezy was so intelligent, cuz that's how B.o.B. flies!

Dlindz's picture

Love the song "Strange Clouds" Can't wait for the video to come out. My crew Superbad Inc are in it too! I want that camera to look back on the time I was on the actual set of the Strange Clouds video shoot. It would be like an accomplishment trophy for Superbad Inc.

Amardrin's picture

Reminds me of the song Camera off of the B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray mixtape. Taking it back to 2009. Much love from Colorado.