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Hi Paramore fans! My name is Danielle but most people call me Dani. I am a HUGE paramore fan. They are my biggest inspiration. I was lucky to meet Hayley Williams along with the guys when they were shopping out in Hollywood haha. Hayley was very nice and so were the guys! I grew up in California, but had to move away. I will soon be home again though.

Besides listening to Paramore, I also like to draw and I am one of the biggest Disney fans you'll ever meet! I love the movies and I even got the opportunity to work at Walt Disney World in the career start program. It was the best 5 months of my life aside from the day I met Paramore =) I loved it so much that I decided that my career is going to involve Disney and I am working towards becoming a Disney Imagineer! They are the masterminds behind all the rides at Disney and the theme park themselves!

I cant wait for the next Paramore show I get to go to, hopefully its soon =)


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