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Welp- Music is everything.
*I sing, I write songs, I'm in vox lessons learning how to sing alone instead of with a group.
*I have my parabesties and they are amazing!
*My family is important. I am not a "Christian" but I am not faithless. My faith is between myself and 'god' and therefore none of your business.
*I have natural red in my hair.
*I I am dead honest in my opinions so if you don't want it, then don't ask for it. Simple, right?
*All I really wanna do in life is sing, make and hang with friends, and listen to great tunes.Oh and go to concerts- that is kinda what I do to break the monotony of college work and actual work.
*That's about it really...Sorry if I'm not interesting?

any messengers or other sites you can ask for my info. Late!

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Quinlan, Texas
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