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Back and Forth



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Sidiator and J Tizzy met at a young age, grew apart and started doing music individually. After they both discovered each others talent they soon started collaborating with each other, writing over two albums worth of songs together they made a final decision, they soon formed a band and started working together. After working together for some time now, Sidiator & J Tizzy have learnt each others method of making music, sharing these methods have made them write countless amounts of songs together. With Sidiator's soulful singing voice and J Tizzy's deep raps they have now not just become the only genre of music they started out as, they have started including every genre of music into their projects. Mainly focusing on a mixture of R&B/Soul/Hip-Hop & Dance they have rapidly wrote a somewhat peculiar debut album as every song does not have a specific genre, every song has a mixture of all different styles.

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