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Back and Forth



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Chill relaxed dude residing in da bull city. Got a out of the box view on life. i see the truth behind things and i c who pulling the strings. i rapp not for fame or for fortune but to express my soul and open the eyes of our generation. also do poetry and am always looking 2 better myself. so if anybody got feedback or sumthin let me kno.

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durham nc
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jus acouple of my poems

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“snakes in the grass
snakes in the grass so i keeps it cut low… snakes in the grass yea they like
to lay low.. snakes in the grass they can b the closest friends u got..
snakes in the grass can b the reason u get got… snakes in the grass
mite never frustrate.. but when needed snakes in the grass will always procrastinate.. snakes in da grass the reason isleep on pavement.. gots to keep my eyes open cause im workin in tallgrass lyk inslavment. snakes in the grass By shawn morgan”

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Love is confusing and honestly I don’t understand a thing about it. I’m independant and strong… but for your kisses I long. Addicted to your hug.. your smile.. your touch.. so much as a stair from u feels me with lust.. when I’m wit u I feel no anger or pain.. only happy and sorrow 4 those who havnt felt this thi…ng.. is it love idk but with out you my heart beats slo…”

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the mask on my face wats beneath never to be seeen.

the pain sorrow and greef only to b seen in my dreams… only smiles on my face i never shed a tear.
stay looking out for others so i cant afford to feel fear…

a heavy berdon to bear but some one has to awaiting the day when i can reveal the truth.. to show my anguish and confide in a person.. to wash my soul of all
thats been done.. but for now i walk with a smile. ill keep my mask on
for another million hard trials…

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“the pains and cry’s of a lost generation echo in the hearts and souls of those few who trully care… it echos to those who realize we r faced with complications but mak life fair. nothing is perfect but yet we stride to be the impossible. we push past our limits to meet wat was considered illogical. we r presented by our bodies with limitations but for love hatred or other emotions we push 2 our destination.nothing can stop a person who is trully dedicated, because b4 giving up they would rather b eradicatied… this was somthing that just poped in my mind”
by shawn morgan