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Back and Forth



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Im a true definition of a laser Lupe just trying to make it out of the ghetto but contribute to making it better at the same time. I'm a writter Lupe a very complex one to. Your are a true to life hero and im trying to follow in the greatest lyricist in the history of hiphop. people been telling me I have skills to rap. Im a true outcast and that why I call myself USRN. You need a partner Lupe. To start up your own premiere group. Look Jay-Z has Kanye. Kanye has Kid Cutti. They had you for a while to. Cash Money Birdman and Lil Wanye. Young Money has Nikki Manj Drake Lil Wanye J. Gutta. I listen to every song you have created on loop and know 90% percent of it. You need a protege, a little partner. If you do that you can educate more people and encourage greatness cause you will have help. Just if you get a chance add me on facebook and look at a couple of my notes

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