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Zero X 777


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Zero X 777
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Hello, My Name Is Matthew C.I'm a Writer and I'm not your typical guy. I'm a real hip hop head none of that bs plays in my ears!
Here are some of my Favorite Artists: Rakim, Nas, Eminem, B.o.B, Charles Hamilton, And Lupe Fiasco of course! I got more but that's enough for now! Well I'm me. Undefinable ME!
If You want to know more about Me then hit me up with a message. I'm Cool and I'm Beamin'

Well, That is about it for me So Peace Out And.......

May The X Be With You and......

Read On And Write Out!( My saying meaning read and write occasionally keep your skills up! Get ya bars and skills up hummie lol)

Zero X Aka The Young Wise Man From The West [Insert Zero X here].
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Marrero, Louisiana
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