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Back and Forth


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B.o.B iTunes Podcast!

on Dec 12, 2013

Check out B.o.B's iTunes Podcast as he discusses his upcoming album Underground Luxury and much more! Check out the podcast and pre-order the new album HERE!

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Underground Luxury MTV Album Premiere

on Dec 10, 2013

B.o.B's EXCLUSIVE Underground Luxury album premiere on is now available through 12/17! 

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NBA Jam Session: "Ready" ft. Future

on Dec 09, 2013

Check out "Ready" by B.o.B. featuring Future in this week's Jam Session on NBA INSIDE STUFF now available on B.o.B.'s album Underground Luxury.


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12 Days of Underground Luxury

on Dec 05, 2013

Count down the 12 Days of Underground Luxury with B.o.B - He will be giving back to his most loyal fans each day until his upcoming album, Underground Luxury, releases 12/17! Enter HERE to win! 

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Pre-Order Underground Luxury on!

on Dec 03, 2013

Pre-Order B.o.B's upcoming album, Underground Luxury, in the official webstore, HERE.