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GAME CHANGERS [PART 2] - Lupe Fiasco, Estelle, B.o.B & Janelle Monae

GAME CHANGERS [PART 2] - Lupe Fiasco, Estelle, B.o.B & Janelle Monae

Posted by: RB
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on Feb 16, 2011
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I wacth this a million times

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Personally, i love all of your and ur music ! Janelle Monae's voice is jus so pretty, its smooth & rich & i love her look. not alot of ppl can pull it off without lookin like a freakshow, but she looks classy & poised with it . I don't kno how, but u manage to capture what i'm feeling in ur lyrics and then wen u sing it . . . it just- its soo real . its like me in a song . i can relate . & Lupe, i've always been a big fan of urs . i think the first song i heard was Daydream & after all these years its still on my Top 25 Most Played list . i cannot NOT listen to that song wen it comes up on shuffle . your lyrics are always deep but soo clear . i love it ! i jus downloaded The Cool & there's not one song on the album i do not like . B.o.B idk where u came from but you too are on my top list of artists . I love your voice & your songs . . . Nothing on You, Lovelier than You, Don't Let Me Fall, there's so many i could list but there's not a B.o.B song i've heard that i dont like yet . As for Estelle, what can i say ? lol I love ur style, & American Boy was one of my fave songs too lol . it was my ringtone for a really long while & i still havent gotten tired of it . I love your sound & ur pop . & i love jamming to Freak when it comes on .

You guys really are game changers & i thank you for it . Don't stop . I'm rooting for you !! (: