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Back and Forth

B.o.B Presents The Adventures of Bobby Ray


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tbo's picture

Nothin' on You is going to be a global hit.

eeppaa's picture

loving hayley on the song

mc.spalding.yo's picture

dude, i haveee to have this album. i'm loving hayley williams on that track. my new favourite rapper b/c of that songg.

Caleb's picture

BoB haley eminem = perfect song

MakeMeChortle's picture

I considered not commenting since there are 69 comments before me which is quite hilarious. But I figured someone else would if i didn't.

B.o.B is awesome!

rajh2504's picture

bobby ray you are the shit.

Carogc's picture

Very very cool, go Hayley!

josenyc's picture

exactly one more week!

ryanlionx's picture

@ CEMAL SAYS: Just hit home, a pop up should appear that links you to the song. If not that just look for it in the Blog. An thats that. - Ryan

Mrs.Gray's picture

Can't wait! I've been holdin off on sendin my hubby his quarterly package so I can put this in it ;)

Cemal's picture

where can i listen to airplanes ii?

JoshMoule95's picture

hayley williams for the win! ;D

tyburk12's picture

unreal... cant wait for it to drop

MoneyFX's picture

This is gonna be the breakout album on 2010. Believe me.

lamix4's picture

wowwww... finally... good music...

KEDGE's picture

Yo your album's gonna be crazy man. Dat shit iz hottt. Much luck ta ya.....

Sh4un's picture

Dis bout 2 be da album of 2010 i can feel it yo

T-Bert's picture

Damn Airplane's the shit! Where's the second song? I heard most of it on youtube tho. But i waana finish it kus i think it kuts off while Em's verse is half way threw.

tirpak23's picture

Breathe of fresh air :)

Don-Don's picture

Airplanes part 2 is too dope he lucky for havin people like Eminem n T.I on his first album pluse he a beast so his alum bouda be dop

showtime_10's picture

go check out his blog and it says click HERE on his first blog

alex14's picture

where can i listen to airplanes 2?

X_2's picture

... now not playing I'll check it out later

Airplanes8701's picture

Airplanes is so amazin haha i love the song and Hayley Williams was a good look!!!

BigAssFlowerHeadband's picture

So where's Airplanes part 2?

Yoshi's picture

This album is sick!!

aaronpatrick91's picture

B.o.B you are so freaking talented, and when i first heard you on your B.o.B vs Bobby Ray mix tape i flipped out on the pure lyricism you exemplified. But when I heard your "Nothin' On You" on a local radio station i flipped cause you sold out, but it soon came to my attention that if you are one of the best rappers out there that's what's gonna happen. So congrats on your success I'll keep on buying and listening to your music

Dregnoc's picture

Congrats B.o.B., I believed in your ability when I first heard you at Big Toombs know where that is...did you see any deceased am his cuz that produce also...If you hear from cuz, tell him what's up and to call me. Just say Perk and he know who I am. Be Humble and dont forget the struggle you had to make it this far...cause very few of us make it. Your manager believed in you know who he is.. Until next time, Later!

B.o.B's biggest fan Jacob's picture

If your reading this could please send me a autograph of B.o.B. pleeeeeeeaaase im your biggest fan and I look up to you to do the right thing. Please