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Back and Forth

8tracks' B.o.B Playlist for Android


RB's picture
on Nov 09, 2011

We know y'all are clamoring to hear "Strange Clouds". OK. Fine. So are we (psyche, we heard it already). In the meantime, take a listen to B.o.B's "Songs to Hold You Over Until 'Strange Clouds' is Released" playlist on 8tracks and their brand new Android app (get it). They're songs B.o.B is listening to right now. You'll probably enjoy it. 


Freestyle607's picture

lol by the name of some of the albums u can tell B.o.B does some illeagal downloading lol dont worry i bought ur album twice // 12th dimension twice and everything else once ... i even bought 2 of ur mixtapes but i dont think that money goes to u

Freestyle607's picture

haha thats cool