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Back and Forth

All City Chess Club?


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on Apr 03, 2010


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Check out the blog

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thats cool, except for charles hamilton. hes garbage and a sonic fag lol

NerdMeech's picture

B.o.B, Lupe, Wale, Charles Hamilton AND J.Cole ALL IN A GROUP TOGETHER?! Thats ALL I need to hear.

LT's picture

to me diggy mixtape was kinda lightweight. but if u check this he has improved quite quickly. his flow is mad clean and distinct. has a unique sound. just give him time people, and i think he will have some type, big or small, some type of impact on the collab. and wayne is...well idk. i dont really like him. but u gotta respect his talent. the dude has said some sick stuff. i think he can take wale, but not Lupe

K-Flow's picture

I cannot wait to hear what y'all got

SOUL's picture

Nah, diggy's cool. Diggy vs Lil Chuckee... no contest haha Maybe drake could stand up to these guys but the rest of Young Money got no chance, even Wayne couldn't take Wale or Lupe

alx83's picture

Yeah, it's kinda awkward to hear Diggy (he's still young), but I think he'll be better over time. This group will be insane. It's like...All City Chess Club vs. Young Money, aint even a contest, lol!

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Thats good stuff...except for diggy..... I need more B.o.B and Charles Hamilton tracks SOON. two wheels on the road just the paperboy, eighteen speeds with the paperboy, goin door to door with the paperboy, burnin trees no seeds just the paperboy.