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Back and Forth

B.o.B - Dr. Aden


RB's picture
on Mar 14, 2011

New video from the "No Genre" mix-tape!


LakersGrayson's picture

Woah I cant believe a music video was finally created for this song!
This song blew my mind the first time i heard it. Crazy beat, insane lyrics, the basic idea is just out of here!!!
My personal favorite off of the No Genre Mixtape. I love what BoB is doing with his music, and you are going in the right direction with your shit

epphonehome's picture

i am sobbing currently.. thank you for all the words of wisdom. you have truly captured the essence of inspiration. thank you for being B.o.B :`)

Lady O's picture

I was sitting in class when I received the Twitter message about you having made a video for this song. I was so excited! This is a beautiful video B.o.B. This is my favorite song on the mixtape. Keep bringing the real. - LO -

Taylor_7's picture

this video is the truth............ b.o.b your the best rapper ever..... you and my dad should be bestfriends because he talks about all the stuff you talk about in your songs....... his favorite songs of yours are: can i fly, ghost in the machine, dr. aden, and the watchers

Simple1's picture

GREAT VIDEO this real stuff man