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Back and Forth

B.o.B Talks Debut Album, Touring with Lupe


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on Apr 27, 2010



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well said

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Best album of the year.
You've come so far from your first mixtape. I've followed you since then; heard tracks like Haterz, I'll be in the sky, Cloud 9, some of my hidden treasures like Pop and Double Bubble and All I Know... I could go on forever!
After hearing B.o.B vs Bobby Ray I had the highest expectations for the album and after seeing that it would drop in 2010 I started getting ready to prepare to hear something this galactical.
You rocked the universe with this. You touched me with the Thank Yous on your album cover (yes I read the entire thing), rocked me at concerts (Live at the NorVa last summer), and showed me how you don't have to follow 'the norm' to make it big and impact the world
Your music is inspiring and this is a BIG accomplishment!!
Congratulations are in order and you deserve a round of applause,
Keep rocking the world and shaking the borders of hip hop, Bobby Ray, and rap, B.o.B!
Ross Bradley, a true fan