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Back and Forth

Exclusive Performance of "I'll Be In The Sky" From Atlantic's Studio 1290


RB's picture
on Feb 02, 2011

We don't know if you've heard, but re-launched and looks amazing. B.o.B was nice enough to do a couple of exclusive songs for the site. Check out "I'll Be In The Sky"....


wolfmafia's picture

I really like this song. I do this crazy dance to it (the more up-beat, er, 'studio' version) where I put both my hands over my head and wave them around :-P

In reference to the video though, I gotta give B.o.B. props because it's pretty hard to rap and play the guitar (or piano) at the same time.

B.O.B 4eva :) Bosnian_Man's picture

i gotta one song "I'll Be In The Sky" what do you mean with " Sianara" ...Is that chinese word or ? :D ......