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Back and Forth

Have You Guys Seen The Team B.o.B Tumblr?


RB's picture
on Jul 12, 2011

Have you guys checked out Team B.o.B's tumblr yet? It's hot. And hilarious. Check it ASAP.


RichardsB's picture

Looks pretty fancy... It's weird that I've never seen this tumbler before. Thanks for sharing!

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MarvaS's picture

Nice Band B.O.B.
But i like it more when they sing with someone else, when they mix and match :) i'm subscribing
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SchroederKitty's picture

oh yeah i'll follow!
fell in love with them summer 2010 (airplanes :) )
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Cha-cha Elsa Tesalonika's picture

I'll follow it :D