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Back and Forth

Lil Scrappy (Feat. B.o.B & Roscoe Dash) - Bad (That's Her)


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on Jan 31, 2011


Cloud9Marcus's picture

These comments are ridiculous. Quit disparaging a great artist for being in one song that isn't your style.

Betty K.'s picture

U are the only reason why i listen to this song and im agree with what BG SAYS says, Though this kind of content like this in a song like this seems is the mainstream of music nowadays, it aint bad, but it aint ur style, we only like who u really are

BG_2's picture

cmon bob u look like u dont know what ur doin there in the video.. this ant you let lil scrappy.. lil scrappy and let roscoe dash.. roscoe dash if ya know ,,, these girls are hella ugly too.. ur on a whole different level for this types of song