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Back and Forth

Second Look: B.o.B / Hayley Performance from the 2010 EMAs


RB's picture
on Nov 09, 2010

We found this higher quality video of B.o.B and Hayley's performance. Enjoy it ... again!


ervo1973's picture

thanks for this guys! Muack Hay...fistpunch b.o.b!!!

Rosy Prince's picture

All of your songs are so lovely, I want to learn to play this in my flute music lessons.

KisKa's picture

OMG! That was so freaking GOOOOOOOD MAN!!! AAAH! I cant stand it! They sounded just as fab live as they do in recording! And B.O.B Looked so FINE! : ) He is totally Awesome!
There is only one bad thing about that video... It leaves you HUNGRY FOR MORE!!! haha!
Gimme,Gimme,Gimme That man after midnight! I'd make his wishes come true! and a few of my own wishes too! :D Oooh Yeah!