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Back and Forth

T.I. Says He's Basking In B.o.B's Success [Video]


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on Aug 18, 2010

Click here to see what else the KING has to say about Bobby Ray!


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I have ever watched T.I's interview on CNN. It was Larry KIng Live. He is so smart. I'm same age with T.I. But I was born in 1981. Anyway,
I have great respect for him. He said "this is the reason we miss day out ofIt our children's lives."
He is right. Maybe, he just wanted to protect his family.

?We are born innocent~ we are still innocent~ ? It's easy, we all falter~

?Oh~light the sky and hold on tight~ the world is burnig down~?

It doesn't matter, our shooting star is twinking in the Sky.?