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Back and Forth

VIDEO: Airplanes pt. 2 Live with Eminem


RB's picture
on Sep 03, 2010

Incredible show. Eminem + B.o.B. Just watch!


'sky's picture

Dear Slim
I went to Eminem's live of Angermanagement tour in Japan. Maybe,2002 or 2003.
That was a amazing show. There was Proof, too.Eminem's lyrics gained the sympaty of me.
I 'm really like you. But we can change.Yes,We Can!^^
I don't want there to be any more mistakes.
?we'll walk this road together~ holler if you feel like you've been down the SAME ROAD!!?

I very sincerely wish you happy.
P.S When you were in japan live,you said "I love Tokyo!~" But there was not "Tokyo"
There was "Chiba"OK?hahhahhaha....sorry. From Sky