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New Shirt in the Webstore

on Aug 15, 2011

We've got an awesome new "Repair Man" T-Shirt in B.o.B.'s Official Webstore. Pick up the shirt in all Mens sizes today! Click Here or click the shirt above to visit the webstore.

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The Asian Adventures Of B.o.B (Part 3)

on Aug 10, 2011

All great "Adventures" are told in trilogies, right? Check out part 3 of "The Asian Adventures of B.o.B", as the tour rolls through Singapore!

B.o.B's been sending us a ton of great content from his tour through Asia, so keep checking the video page for more live footage!

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The Asian Adventures Of B.o.B (Part 2)!!!

on Aug 08, 2011

You didn't think the adventures were done, did you? Check out Part 2 of B.o.B's Asian Adventures on YouTube!

B.o.B's tour returns to North America soon! Keep your eyes peeled on the "Tour" tab for more info!

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Wonder Girls Cover B.o.B

on Aug 03, 2011 invited Korean pop stars Wonder Girls to perform for their "Mashup Monday" video series, and put the song choice up to a poll. The winner, with 47 percent of the vote, was B.o.B and Bruno Mars's "Nothin' On You"! Read the story at Billboard!

Which B.o.B tracks are you hoping to see covered? Tell us in the comments!

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Collaboration Poll Results

on Jul 21, 2011

We asked you what your favorite B.o.B collaboration was, and Tech N9ne's 'Am I A Psycho' won by a 30% margin! We certainly can't blame you for loving such an awesome track, but we couldn't help but wonder, "Who should B.o.B work with next...?"

Let us know in the comments below!