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Who Wants The B.o.B Airplane?


RB's picture
on Sep 30, 2010

All you have to do is leave a comment below, follow B.o.B on Facebook, Twitter or Ping to enter in a chance to win the plane below!

Good luck!!!


Kin-d: )'s picture

I WANT 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..
-I-LUV-YOU--> B.o.B!

Blank's picture

?Ohhhh! I Want It!?

JUSTINBASSO7's picture

I WANT ONE SOOOOOOOOOOO BAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ

build18er's picture

A B.o.B plane would be awesome

raspberrykandy's picture

^^ cute

Ross Bradley's picture

that would be crazy!
thanks for the plane Mr Simmons

StanSitwell's picture

Can I have that airplane in the night sky, i'll hang it below my satellite while I get higher in a 5th dimension, and I bet I wont let it fall. You've got all the fame and magic, Kid Cudi's got nothin on you, and I see ya but I cant see past ya shades

Florian's picture

I would like to get this airplane

onelove23's picture

I'd love to have that airplane, is there anything I should do to have it? I just moved to atl and want something cool to decorate my house with and i think this is an awesome piece of art. b.o.b please make me the winner. thank you and god bless everyone :-)

jjbapproved's picture

Yhh i want one please buddy :D!! Im guna fly out this place

bubbaa1624's picture

i have a friend that loves airplanes! i want that one!

AbsaluteXero's picture

yo, i want that airplane

socandrewcer25's picture

dude awesome airplane, im alreadya fan on facebook so let me enter

YoBabeek's picture

I could really use a wish right now!

KelKelz's picture

Here's my comment! ;)

Thom's picture


dabul-master's picture

I'd rather have a shooting star, but I guess I could just pretend. . .

kidcurr50's picture

yooo bobby ray i want that airplane!!