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Back and Forth

WORLD PREMIERE: "Don't Let Me Fall" [Music Video]


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on Nov 17, 2010



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im so in love with this guy!!! he is so tight! COME TO STL SOON PLEASE!!!

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I LOVE THis SONG...................B.O.B. THAT'S MY DUDE.......... I LOVE HIM.......

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"Sorry we're unable to offer this video to users in your region."
World Premiere ?
Can't wait to see this new video in my region x)

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Bobby Ray u look real good in this video. This song is so over popping, I love it. B.O.B u are amazing!!!!!!

Natty //'s picture

aaaa i wanna see it too, pls do somethin so ppl outside the usa may check it as well

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i looooooovessss thisssss^-^

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I'm french, so I'm outside of USA too and I can't watch it.. When I'll can watch the clip? :(

Greatest B.o.B Fan's picture

can't watch it :( i'm outside of USA

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omg...i so love u and this song!!!!!

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:) red rocks! wow. this video is cool, i love the song. and yes this was filmed in the 303! i love you b.o.b!!:)

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Filmed in the 303?