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Back and Forth

B.o.B - May 25th - Mixtape Cover


RB's picture
on Jan 26, 2010

You all ready for this?


GoodMusicAllDay's picture

its out, check GoodMusicAllDay . com to download it

danielscragg's picture

where is this shit?

Dustin Smith's picture

Dude i've been waiting. Are you awake yet Bob? Post that shit man don't keep us waiting.

GoodMusicAllDay's picture

isn't this coming out today?! ive been refreshing since 11:30 thinking it was gonna drop right at midnight, any idea when its actually droppin today

The Child-Man's picture

The school kid style cover really kill the shit

dreano19's picture

shits dope, cant wiat for the tape and the album

Wooshie123's picture

Animated Cover Art, Cant wait for it!!!

Randall's picture

Any chance of a version of this mixtape without DJ shoutouts?

MelloFello's picture

Trippy ass cover! Nice.

DJ SnowFlake's picture

That cover go hard

Symphony U. Savant's picture

Yo album cover is dope man...Keep this...

Dominic_3's picture

Can't wait!!!