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WORLD PREMIERE: "Nothin' On You" ft. Bruno Mars [Music Video]


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    WORLD PREMIERE: "Nothin' On You" ft. Bruno Mars [Music Video]...
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    March 09, 2010

    It's finally here! What y'all think of the video?

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on Mar 09, 2010

It's finally here! What y'all think of the video?


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If U knew how much I want U 2 B bigger than Jay
Bigger than all
We shall C that day
Maybe B.O.B is gone but Bobby Ray can never fall
Bigger than the rest
Bigger than the one that think they’re the best
I see you reaching pass the limit many trying to touch
Never stutter, never fear, ever gives in... That’s why hater’s spit and coughs
You left them to dry in the dust
They say they raw, they say their rhyme is strong
But they are weak and yours go beyond
They have no soul, they say they got swagger
When you’re on top, still spitting the truth
Just wave and say “See you never sucker!”

Written by: LalaLove4Love

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I love this song and I loooove the video. and i can't wait to see you back in Duval County :-)

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You need to come back to the FLA!!

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The crazy thing is there are many other songs B.o.B's given to us for FREE that are worthy of a video or album spot, to name a few: The Rain; Cool Side; Satellite; Lonely People; Gladiators. Ishs crazy.

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great to see i vid of this amazing song at last but didnt exactly break the bank did it.

still say fantastic song with great melody but hey you guys are headin for the big time get your record company to flash the cash.

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great song
Great video
This is mine and my girlfriends song

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Ma dude, That song is a BANGA, This summer, we gonna put all the ATL shawties on our back with this one, good job bro. I hope my man Joe Fitz had his hands on this joint cuz it's craaaaazyyyy

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Great Video cant wait for more

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Nice video!!
Drake ft. SuzieQ - FEAR -

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Another link for people who couldn't watch it.

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That video concept was bananas. I loved it, man. Keep doing your thing BoB.

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Love the video. Go to find the user cameltoast. This guy is the biggest b.o.b hater out there. He said all B.o.B fans should kill themselves when B.o.B goes triple plastic. Al the true B.o.B fans send him a message and let him know what you think. By the way, he thinks Blackstar is the best EVER lol. Fuck those haters.

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I can't watch the video, they say "we're unable to offer this video to users in your region" :(
please guys upload it to another player (vimeo is great)

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Dope video! I hope "Cool Side" is on the album.

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LOVE ITT!! SO GLAD u r doing what ur DOING!!