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World Premiere Monday: "Airplanes" ft. Hayley Williams


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    World Premiere Monday: "Airplanes" ft. Hayley Williams
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    April 09, 2010

    Click HERE to hear the exclusive world premiere of the next single off "B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray". It's called "Airplanes" and it features Hayley Williams of Paramore. Pre-order the album now before it hits shelves on April 27th!

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on Apr 09, 2010

Click HERE to hear the exclusive world premiere of the next single off "B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray". It's called "Airplanes" and it features Hayley Williams of Paramore. Pre-order the album now before it hits shelves on April 27th!


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Nixta_little_miss_paraholic's picture

this is the first song ive ever heard of yours (bcause of a link on and i absolutley LOVEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no kidding!

Zappy's picture

This version is almost better!!!

shesway2fly's picture

B.o.B is the shit, everything that he's come out with within the last year, and everything I've heard from him is SIMPLY amazing :)
Not really a Paramore fan, well actually I'm not, but she sang the chorus beautifully :)

i CANNOT wait for the album to drop.

2.SPA.C's picture

hey man, thnx for reviving rap back, i was acually scared that it gunna turn into disco, ya know like Black Eyed Peas album (mean no disrespect, i think the album was great), and thx for at least using some real instruments, not just beats from the computers, keep it up man

Mr.Hust3d's picture

Come on B.o.B Damn man i have been looking for aiplanes and airplanes 2 since i seen the track list man, i have been listening to your music for about 4 yrs now. i have always downloaded ur mixtapes and showed alot of people about ur talented lyrics and i cant wait for ur album to finally drop i have waited and waited and waited. lets make this #1

jessicalouise's picture

I don't know where everyone is getting that Hayley was autotuned? What you're hearing is NOT autotune, but overdubbing (maybe doubletracking but I doubt it);

Either way, that's not even the point. This song is friggin brilliant and I'm even more stoked for my preorder to come

Ruth's picture

awesome song!!

Mayte's picture

I enjoyed this song sooo much. It actually has some meaning to it unlike other hip-hop songs that are all about the same thing. I loved it :) B.o.B and Hayley Williams never seize to amaze me :)

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theLASTbadGUY's picture

How come this wasn't posted punctually at 10am Busy? sum mum muh bitch!

Fo$hizzle's picture

This song is just classic. B.o.B was dope as allways and haley willams killed the hook. I knew this was great before the rapping even started.

P.S What the fuck is Katie saying about autotune!?

ParaIsaac's picture

I was hesistant about this song because im not that big of fan of rap but this is on of the very few songs that have meaning behind the lyrics. Hayley Williams is amazing and i love her and Paramore to death but i think that you guys can agree that her voice sounded a little too enhanced. Shes amazing as a live singer they should let that show.:) other then that it was a really good song.:)

playngfavorites's picture

Hayley Williams is fantastic! There is nothing else to day about her. She made this song that much better.

razielcrystynsya's picture

hayley doesnt sound black.. she is just being herself.. nevermind the haters.. if katie finds it like that.. well so be it.. its her POV.. but hey hayley sounds amazing as usual :) she sounds good here.. she sounds better in performing live concerts ;)

Leon_2's picture

B.o.B is the FUTURE and this song is FIRE I CANT WAIT 4 THE ALBUM

bren9596's picture

you guys need to settle down and stop saying "omg how dare she sing in the background" and
"omg this is so shit, and it sounds like an auto tune". OBVIOUSLY hayley sang in this song because she WANTED TO and im sure if you went to all the effort of recording a song and someone turned around and said that you would feel prettey shit about it. paramore is my favourite band and i dont think hayley williams is downing herself by singing in this song. she does a great job!

I think this song is really good. one of the best songs i have heard in a LONG time. music these days is all about 'shawty' and its just so crap. but this song has alot better meaning.

oh yeh and why the hell would you say she is trying to sound black??? i mean seriousy GROW UP! god you are probably older than me and you cant even see that what you said is completley stupid.

LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tathy's picture

I just want to say that this song is Amazing
and that Hayley doesn't sound black at all she sound like always
And to the Haters............. Like Kate...... FU and if u guys know so much about it
why don't u go make your own shit and listen to it

katisdope's picture

i looove hayleyyy omg ownss so much

heartwaffles's picture

owwwwnnnnsssss. :o just OWNS. just can't believe how much it owns. hayley williams + killer beats and rap = jiiiizz.

WillRTR's picture

Hayley Williams trying to sound black? Reading that has cracked me up!
She's got a good voice on her, Bobby Ray & whoever he was working with heard that, liked it, and wanted to get her onto the record. Simple as.
If fans of B.o.B. and/or Paramore don't like the song or don't like the clash of styles (i.e. mixing rap with pop-punk) then thats fine. Just don't start bringing skin colour into it. Especially when the person in question isn't trying to do anything other than sing the lines she's got in the song.
Anyways, back to what I wanted to say before I noticed the comment by that 'Katie' person:
Awesome track! This coming out after his kick-ass first single just shows that this dude isn't a one hit wonder, shall definitely be grabbing the album when I can!

cee123's picture

autotune my ass. that's her real voice, and she did pretty good. it's a first for hayley to be on a track like this. altogether, this song's got feel.

MyLee&lt;3cupcakes!'s picture

this song was not complementing her talents as a singer. she is past and better the ranking of a simple chorus background sing. this song needed a higher pitch winey voice person for the chorus. she shouldn't do this ever again!!!!

butterfingles:D's picture

fuck you katie. you sound like the most arrogant asshole. i wanna fucking punch you, bitch.

katie_6's picture

@cupc8kes i need to clean my ears out? sorry i dont like music synthesized from a computer which has repeating melodies and beats over and over again. i like more creativity in the music i listen to. like i said, the song is pretty boring because of that...

cupc8kes's picture

hahaha what? Katie you make no sense. You are a true artist when you can be diverse and not stay in one bubble.. you need to clean your ears out ;)

katie_6's picture

do i hear auto-tune? maybe not, either way it sounds like shit.... why would hayley stoop to this?
& why is she trying to sound like a black chick lol..

pretty boring

bktheking's picture

Yeah im loving this song wow i just recently started getting into B.o.B and he very easily won me over with all of his songs he is by far the best new artist out there right now and then he blew me away when he brought in Hayley Williams I love paramore this is just ridiculous how versatile and awesome B.o.B is and Hayley has the best voice that I have ever heard from any girl in the world

supperton's picture

hayley rocks!)

AllieF's picture

super dope song.....i love B.O.B. omg and paramore is on of my fav groups....cant wait til April 27th