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Back and Forth

B.o.B - The Adventures of Bobby Ray - Episode 4


Busy's picture
on Apr 26, 2010

Last day to pre-order your copy of the album with the exclusive t-shirt and poster. Get it now!


Mrs. Kato's picture

Bobby your fans are THE BEST! And you deserve each and every one of them : ) Congrats on all the success and the well deserved love my friend

Th3composer's picture

Im from Jackson,Ms i went an appearance here n my hometown that i heard u were headlining last saturday...didnt stay for your portion becuz of an emergency BUT...I will b n Dallas tomorrow for you and Lupes show...real shit man your album is the best ive heard in the last 2 yrs and i will be purchasing it first thing in the morning...mch love...keep doin ur thing...

ekd0602's picture

I want you to know I stood outside(uncc) of this concert looking for a ticket, I didn't have 40$ to get in. One of the biggest upsets of my life, but its not your fault. Your not going anywhere so I will have another chance. I had to save in-order to buy your CD tomorrow. If you want to make it up to me Come to Charleston of Charlotte this summer, ill have a job then.