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B.o.B - "Bet I" ft. T.I. & Playboy Tre [Music Video]


Busy's picture
on Apr 27, 2010

B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray on iTunes now! Did you get your copy yet?


BobbyRayAllTheWay's picture

B.o.B most def got off in this song!!!!!

DJ SnowFlake's picture

Tell me B.o.B and Playboy Tre look high as shit at 2:44

suganain's picture

This is the shit! B.o.B is crackin this shit... love my T.I baby!

mizzcbreezy's picture

it was dope i love this song =)

Aengel's picture

AT 3:58 they forgot to finish the key for the shot. You can clearly see the green screen halo-ed around the talent. Nice concept though...feels a little too overdone...they should have broken it up by way of other camera pushes and transitions. I give it 3 out of 4. Just lacking a little more polish in the finishing process. BOB you are the shit though. Great song.

jr530's picture

Dats my shit rite there!!!
B.o.B & TI always killin it!

pws's picture

can't see it in germany...

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K.E.B.O. (Kesha Boyd)'s picture

B.O.B. did just what he "ALWAYS" does.....he "Bust"!!! T.I. and Playboy Tre helped to set this thang off!! It's Hot!!! I Luv It!! I wish much success to all of you on your future endeavors!!

Much Luv....
Kesha Boyd (K.E.B.O.)
Trummp Change Entertainment

JBMarvelous's picture

B.o.B is sexy!! Love the song and video

Ralph_2's picture

Great video, Good to see Tre on there, B.O.B sticking to his roots is nice to see.

PenisMan's picture

this song is so doooppeeee!!!!

Wizzy's picture

amazing.. you never disappoint

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K-Flow's picture

great album man, not disappointed at all and the video was hot

Hachi's picture

Love it!

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Check out a new remix of "Airplanes"!

crunchrappersupreme's picture

I love Tre!

bfred's picture

nevermind.... guess i was a minute too early

bfred's picture

private video?

...'s picture

Yep bought it, the video's still private.