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Back and Forth

B.o.B's "The 5"


RB's picture
on May 07, 2010


Vasya's picture

Very interesting to see, waiting for another "the5"

James_3's picture

Its really good for me to see an artist who isn't ignorant and who's music actually means something so keep on doing what your doing Bobby ray and don't stop...You really consider a collaboration with Lupe Fiasco or better yet come out and perform in D.C. sometime, Thank you for your music.

Boi Genius's picture

Ha! I'm the middle child as well...I'm definitely checking out the book "A New Earth"
Big ups!

david_5's picture

I love #4! Eckhart Tolle is a modern sage. I've read A New Earth and a few of his other books. I can see in your music that you are non-attached to your ego, and your aware of that infinite dimension beyond ego. Its so awesome to see an artist like that, especially in the rap scene where most music is dominated by ego. I would recommend reading books by Deepak Chopra and David Hawkins as well. Power vs. Force by Hawkins is absolutely amazing... Life After Death by Chopra is frickin cool too lol