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What Will B.o.B's Next Hit Be?


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on Jun 29, 2010


MysBlu4's picture

Don't Let Me Fall

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I was asleeep! Scoop me up another time but actually tell me you are so i won't sleep until one! I sorray bro!

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Don't let me fall most defff

Check out my B.o.B photogrpahy i took at one of his concerts.

misterchevy's picture

i have to say magic for the UK dude.
But i wouldnt dismiss 5th dimension.

Black Kid's picture

I like them both, but I think that even though Dont let me fall is great, Magic just has a great vibe to it.

Mr_FTW's picture

Don't let me fall. It's an inspirational song that I think everyone can vibe too

JonManuel's picture

MAGIC all the way, shun! That's my jam.

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Don't Let Me Fall

Snake's picture

Both of them hot, I will have to go with Don't Let Me Fall...

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Don't let me fall

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I think both are pretty incredible, but I'd say Magic is a sure-fire number one, as much as I love Don't Let Me Fall. You got to do both at some time!

EmLudaCudiT9BoBCham's picture

really hope its dont let me fall, bob has already done the pop thing with his first 2 singles. i get on a beat i shit on a beat then i wipe wit an mc