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What Will B.o.B's Next Hit Be?


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on Jun 29, 2010


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I think with the mass appeal B.o.B brings that he should consider what a lot of crossover artists do, and release two songs to radio at once, but different formats. It's generally successful for artists with such a range of fans. I think next should be "Magic" to pop-radio and "The Kids" to Urban radio.. then the last single off the album should be "Don't Let Me Fall". Thats IMO.

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Don't Let Me Fall definitely its different compared to the singles you've put out already. you need to show the people that don't already know that you ain't just gonna come out with the same kind of track

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"Magic" hands down. It is my FAVORITE song on the album.....and "Lovelier than You"

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Magic is AWESOME!!!

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yeah you already got two pop songs out now its time for something else DONT LET ME FALL

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If u want a grammy id say pick Dont let me fall. that has Hit written all over it bro

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Don't let me fall!!!

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MAGIC...hands down!

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Don't Let Me Fall Without A Doubt.. Such A Great Song & Would Appeal To People That Don't Even Listen 2 Rap Music & Such..

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The Kids is better than both of them

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magic, because really "don't let me fall" is another kinda melancholy song, but magic shows another side, which is fun and poppy, "don't let me fall" should be another after the "magic" maybe then

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Dont Let Me Fall Is Better but i think Magic will have more success on the radio

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I can't decide too... Don't let me fall has got a fantastic lyrics and Magic a fantastic rhythm!!!

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Magic, hands down! What are you guys saying?

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i cant decide...i trust B.o.B to make the right decision because he is the best and most versatile solo musician possibly ever.

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Magic. look it's produced by dr luke so it will be a number one hit for sure. look at history: "my life would suck without you," Hot + Cold, Right Round, Tik Tok, Party in the USA. You just got done with the serious song in airplanes now you gotta bring the pop back. After Magic though, then do don't let me fall.

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dont let me fall :)

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Don't Let Me Fall >>>>>> Magic

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Don't Let Me Fall

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Don't Let Me Fall!

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Don't Let Me Fall, Please...thank you.

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Don't Let Me Fall!

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Damn hard choice, I would have to say Magic doe :)

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Don't Let Me Fall..... HANDS DOWN

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make a video 4 DONT LET ME FALL

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I think he should release both send Magic to VH1 and MTV and send Don't Let Me Fall to BET and MTV Jams

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I think Dont Let Me Fall is the better song!! :D

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Don't let me fall!!! =)))