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Back and Forth

No Genre Mixtape


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on Dec 11, 2010

Click HERE to download.


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This Mixtape is INCREDIBLE....good enough to be an album, The Best mixtapes in the 4th quarter, well this and Friday night lights.

Sinsinnatti MANG!

bigray87's picture

Love the album, more to add the bob playlist on the ipod keep it coming Bobby you the shit

Que Stevens's picture

Fantastic!! I've been following BoB for years in Atlanta and have every track of his I could get my hands on. I was a tad disappointed by the first 'official' album, though I suspect that was due to the record company picking tracks and insisting on so many guest singers (that's just my guess). BoB is best when he's being his witty, sharp-as-a-stick self without any guest singers (though got to love Playboy Tre of course) and this mixtape reminds me of exactly what a genius Bobby Ray is. I saw him at Smith's Olde Bar last week and he did several of these tracks and it was rocking!

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grand hustle kings is the best song ;)

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i downloaded it from itunes..i freaking love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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its just 128 kbit.........should be at least 192 kbit....that tape is too good for crappy 128 kbits!