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Collaboration Poll Results


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    Collaboration Poll Results
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    July 21, 2011

    We asked you what your favorite B.o.B collaboration was, and Tech N9ne's 'Am I A Psycho' won by a 30% margin! We certainly can't blame you for loving such an awesome track, but we couldn't help but wonder, "Who should B.o.B work with next...?"

    Let us know in the comments below!

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on Jul 21, 2011

We asked you what your favorite B.o.B collaboration was, and Tech N9ne's 'Am I A Psycho' won by a 30% margin! We certainly can't blame you for loving such an awesome track, but we couldn't help but wonder, "Who should B.o.B work with next...?"

Let us know in the comments below!


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In order:
Childish Gambino (AKA Donald Glover)
Kid Cudi
Lupe Fiasco

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Im with MUSICSNMYSOUL T.I coming out of jail soon soo a callabo album will be a nice start for him and a great chance to show what GRAND HUSTLE can really bring from two of there best rappers. IM JUST SAYIN it will be out of this world.......

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MR. Ray, if it's not so bold of me to say, you should work with me. :)

MusicsNmySoul's picture

Ok people i just read everyones shit .. seriously??? your all selfish AF .. 80% of u put ur favorite artists or types of music ... without taking into consideration how he would mesh with them ... Bobby Ray is a VERY talented and versatile artist and could prolly collab with anyone and make it good ... ( with GRAND HUSTLE production?? ) of course .. but who is he actually going to mesh with .. anyhow .. kinda pissed me off ... and the other thing that irritated me is the fact that if u know TI and grand hustle AT ALL you would know ..... F@CK A MIXTAPE NIGGA ... ooooh yea .. put jamie foxx on .. screw neyo and chris brown .. at least if ur going that route take into consideration jerimih and usher ..

MusicsNmySoul's picture

Collabos with Luda would be phenominal .. obviously kid cudi and i bet wiz khalifa would be pimp ... im sure TIP already has this planned but i think a collaboration ALBUM of the two would destroy anything the game has seen ... Andre 3k .. Bad meets evil and bobby would shred mics with the right vibe .. honestly id love to see him go on strike against YM but its not realistic .. they need an ego check is all .. chamillionaire .. J. cole n bobby push each other (gladiators) .. john legend would be epic but im sure TIP has that in mind as well .. Id kill to see him and Young Buck on a track but thats highly unlikely .. tiny tempah would be legit .. TIP is my idol and once i realized how savage bobby was and found out TIP signed him .. i knew it was all over .. which is why we all know that everyone TRUELY wants to hear ludacris TI and bobby .. cuz "on top of the world" was such a dope track and if they all got in the booth and just went HARD this time ... (not to mention let someone else sing the hook or at LEAST let a nigga get a verse this time)

Philly500's picture

No question u should do a song with Kendrick Lamar he is a great artist and if both of you would collab it would Demolish all other collaborations of the year and get Kendrick some exposure while showing that you don't just make songs with super popular people you still remember when you were underated!!!

Joey16's picture

B.o.B should work with Chiddy Bang or Ne-Yo =D that would make my life

LucRyan's picture

Kinda random but i got a cool name for a mix tape 'The Lost Adventures' that would be cool to see :)

epphonehome's picture

I voted for 'Am I A Psycho' because he hella disses Tyler The Creator in that. Again. I hate Tyler The Creator since Odd Future. I haven't loved B.o.B more since No Future.
Keep fuckin' with Bob you ain't gon have NO FUTURE.

Young Genio's picture

damien marley lupe fiasco bad meets evil kid cudi hopsin tinie tempah theophilus london wale tedashii willy northpole adam tensta big boi born wit it

LucRyan's picture

@THEULTRA11 You do know Tyler the creator and B.o.B aren't cool with each other (Yonkers & No Future)

Nahum's picture

Chris Brown or Kid Cudi

theultra11's picture

tyler, the creator lol that'd be interesting. they'd go hard

EmLudaCudiT9BoBCham's picture

liz suwandi

EmLudaCudiT9BoBCham's picture

kid cudi, the black keys, tech n9ne again, hopsin again, dave matthews, rihanna, mgmt, justin vernon, solid gold

EmLudaCudiT9BoBCham's picture

and outkast

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Ty13r's picture

Kid Cudi

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b.o.b should do a collab with jadakiss, styles p, damien marley and stephan marley. those would all be great and interesting

Armand's picture

I think B.o.B should collab with any of the following: Outkast (Andre 3000 or Big Boi individually would be cool too though), Chiddy Bang, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, Kid Cudi, Emilio Rojas, Laws, Big K.R.I.T., Lupe Fiasco, M.i, ¡Mayday!, Nique, Pac Div, or YONAS. Sorry, I know it's a long list, but you asked. :)

123D's picture

Skyler Grey!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I second (more than that already -_-) but Lupe and KiD CuDi also Collabo

spartanfan92's picture

CuDi and Kanye

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I wasn't talking about for an album. The album I want as real as possible, but I'm talking about if he was featured on their songs or something o.o

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Oh yeah, n t.i., ludacris, n tyga

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NO MORE TECHNO! At least for one album! Get j cole, Hopsin (most def), tech n9ne, lupe wiz, Andre 3000 (this wud be dope af!). dont listen to the ignorant and dumbass fans that want bands n singers n techno beats, they're dumb. sure i like it from time to time but u've had enough for 2 albums. GO FOR THE GRAMMY, U WER ROBBED!

joshbobizzle's picture

himself. those are his best tracks.

Shyze's picture

Sean Paul or Flo Rida

Pribs2's picture

Cudi, Kanye, and the not so obvious choice...Coldplay!

LucRyan's picture

Yeah! Chris Brown, Mike Posner (techno ish beat), Eric Turner, Adam Levine, Chris Daughtry.
Adding to the Mix Tape idea, I would love to see the idea become reality one day. Fav Rappers = B.o.B & Lupe Fiasco