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Does B.o.B openly rap about illuminati?

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    Does B.o.B openly rap about illuminati?
    (14 Nov '10)

    Pretty sure he does.

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Alistair Savaii's picture
on Nov 14, 2010

Pretty sure he does.

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come to mexico please
i love you music

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hmm thanks ill listen to the watcher then

Ashley:DxD's picture

I dont think he is part of it, but he prob wants to point out the this illuminati stuff is bs....

Lydia's picture

If you listen to his songs backwards, he sings about the devil. Trufax.

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Yeah he does listen to "the Watchers" on his mixtape "No Genre"

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WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! HOW DO YOU KNOW? Complete bullshit. There's no illuminati.

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I think he has some knowledge of what they are and are not... And I believe he knows what the truth really is... If anything, he opposes them by exposing cover-ups... Hence, The Watchers, Dr. Aden...

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No one buys that illuminati shit, stfu.