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Where should B.o.B tour?

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    Where should B.o.B tour?
    (14 Jan '10)

    Name a place.

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on Jan 14, 2010
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Name a place.

wutnow99's picture

he should totally go 2 NYC!!!

B.o.B FTW's picture

LSU during the school year, and Richmond, VA in the summer!

Bhop's picture

Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ for everyone from NJ AND PHILLY!

razzledazzle212's picture

Dallas, Texas and/or Long Island, New York!!!

bribri's picture

back to asheville nc or maybe greensboro nc

Jenna_3's picture

Come to Orlando Florida! All my friends REALLY want you to come here!

becky's picture

Yeah B.O.B, you need to come to the UK.......please.....very soon :)

ajord's picture

You have to fly here to Manila, Philippines. you got a lot of fans here. you'd have one of the best times of your life, guaranteed!!

2Arun's picture

I would love to see you at the Roanoke Civic Center in Roanoke, VA. I swear to you I would bring all my friends and family.

Barker's picture

B.o.B you should definitely come out to the New York area preferably long island id love to see a concert!!!

SmartStart's picture

B.o.B, you should hit up the 513! Show the Midwest and Cincinnati some love!

Chupps's picture

You definitely need to come to the UK.

h-dizzle's picture

B.o.B. needs to come to the UK
so many fans here already!!!

th3awesome's picture

Germany, Cologne ! :D

StanSitwell's picture

B.o.B needs to come back to Connecticut. He can rock out Toads Place in New Haven like he did when he opened up for Shwayze, or better yet he should join his friend Lupe Fiasco at the BOMBfest in Durham May 30th

CT needs some B.o.B!!

kyoungs's picture

minnesota or anywhere close. B.o.B is worth any drive for a live performance

pursuitrock's picture

The Ohio State University!!!! Columbus, OH

B.o.B-Fan-U.K's picture

The UK! :)

MrMiyagiX34234234234234's picture

New york!! Ofcoursee New york best place to advertisee yur CD!

Hachi's picture

Come to Florida B.o.B!!

m20c9's picture

I think he should go to El Paso this city isnt big and we hardly get and artis

dmp0605's picture

Dude come to East Carolina University, NC. Come party hard with us.

Jakeyboyarnaldo's picture

England, Kent or London!!! Awesome

m.a.r.i.a.'s picture

make your way to Germany! Berlin, that would be really really great.

Stephh's picture

england, brighton! please please please please.

Je'Twan's picture

Fresno, CA

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yeah, floriduh. yeah, that's the place for them. lot's of darkies to choose from.

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they should NOT tour in Minnesota or anywhere in the midwest, or Canada. their video clearly ostracizes white women, so why tour in places they hate the white, blonde, blue eyed chicks? they need to stay where multiple versions of nappy head are abundant. we all get the message - you don't like white broads. okay, then stay away from us.

cedesbad's picture

he needs to come to kuwait! take a visit out to come see the soldiers!