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Where should B.o.B tour?

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    Where should B.o.B tour?
    (14 Jan '10)

    Name a place.

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on Jan 14, 2010
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Name a place.

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HAWAII!!!!!!!Honolulu especially!!!

Minty's picture

Dublin, IRELAND!!!

iiLuvB.o.B <3's picture

He shud mos def come to NC preferably, somewhere close to Fayetteville!!

#vohna's picture

up here we've been feeling his music. we'd really appriceate it if he came,

Joanna A. Ptak's picture

SCANDINAVIA! Like Sweden, Norway, Finland or Denmark!

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University of Miami, THE U ;D ... now that my personal needs are out there.. Every Single Place In The World Should Have The Right To Listen To And Understand B.o.B ... do europe and include switzerland, that's where I use to live ;)

Kollinho's picture

COLOGNE, Germany!!!

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Anake Clarke's picture

Why not T&T.

djizzle_11's picture

I love B.o.B and he says he loves the south, so why not come to Charlotte?

Quez's picture

He should come in paris for sure ! :=)

LyteBryteMisses23's picture

I think he should come back to the Bay... His concert with Lupe F. was the bomb!!! It was my very first concert ever I never been. Thats when i first got introduced to his music what a better way to do it! SO B.O.B HIT UP THE BAY WE MISS YOU OUT HERE. Bay Cali SWagg

supajj's picture

Somewhere in New England!!! Boston maybe

MartinHardee's picture

Swing by San Jose or San Francisco, please.

(We drove to Sacremento from the Bay Area to see B.o.B. at a holiday show and I would do it again. Bobby, it was a GREAT performance!! But we'd love to see you close to home, too!)

Ralph_2's picture

UK again. But not as a supporting act for a mainstream rock band please.

margieimanix3's picture

Anywhere in Michigan.

rappingazn's picture

yo do irvine, CA its the safest place ever you'd be better 2

dvballer14's picture

columbia missouri loves u...i went to a concert in como back in october and it was unforgettable...i can guarentee u tht u wud be able sell out mizzou arena....

Rakeem's picture

Greenville, MS

B.o.B idol boy's picture

San francisco, California

B.o.BLover's picture

california! i dont care where!

Joriluvs'you's picture

Chicago, Illinois

italianstallion14's picture

I agree, im in the army and i think you should do a USO tour and possibly stop in Germany cuz we dont get many concerts here except country singers it sucks

KarenBieber's picture

Well, I think that he should do a HUGE EUROPE tour with Paramore 2...he should come in Greece and go to every single european country!! yeah that would be cool

Bensue's picture

He most definitley needs to do a UK Tour!

pamvilches's picture

Southamerica, Chile :D it's a new artist here, but with "nothin' on you" lot of people knows about b.o.b now! :

Lucy Chadwick's picture

Mittagong, Australia

MiiSilva_Brazil's picture

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil...definitely!

celcius2803's picture

Phoenix, Arizona