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    Feedback and Suggestions
    SAYS WebCrew
    (24 May '10)

    Post your feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, in this new thread.

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on May 24, 2010
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Post your feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, in this new thread.

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i don't know if you guys have compeptions, but i think that would be an awesome idea, like a chance to win an autograph, shirt, or special message from bobby himself. one idea i had could an art contest. i know amoung us b.o.b fans we have a lot of artisits, like myself who have made drawings of him, would be nice if we could submit them and a winner is chosen and gets recognized. pls reply back so i know this was read.

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is b.o.b coming to fresno? he is not on the fair"s website. what happend to the san francisco show? who can i call to find out when he is coming to cali?

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Ok, thanks!

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@Nico: Thank you for the suggestion. We have gotten numerous requests for a personal messaging system and will take this into consideration when enhancing

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Are the webteam listening at all? An inbox would be nice for personal messages, also the site should have more commercials so it will get more popular.

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duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude Bobby Ray is always gonna be amaaaaaaazing! i love him sooo much, i wanna meet him soooo bad, i just cant believe that he's so frikkin awesome and i cant meet him. i bet there are gonna be nooo concerts in indiana, and my dad doesnt like me listening to rap, but he listened to airplanes, and magic, and surprisingly 2 eminem songs,! haha it was schocking!

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Hi, I was JUST at the Tokyo Ebisu Garden Hall Concert and it was AMAZING. Bobby Ray, you are more than amazing and great live, your drummer and guitarist, dancers were amazing. Also, your manager is awesome for letting us come back stage!! I will never forget this night and your shades with your autograph!! YOU ARE AMAZING and please PLEASE come back to Tokyo sometime! Good luck on the rest of your tour!
Love your Tokyo Fan!!

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Hey I saw you on C4 (New Zealand) the other day with Drew. I would have thought you would have known Airplanes debuted at three, went to two a week later then on to no.1 for an AMAZING FIVE WEEKS! No music Video and that high? Wow amazing! Not to mention you were no.2 in Australia at the same time (I think?) When you dropped to five a video was now out and you have held high on the charts so well! Getting to no.1 in New Zealand is very hard to do because New Zealand songs so often stay at no.1 for months on end. (Stan Walker and Smash Proof to mention a few of the artists. You may actually like Smash Proof as well... Hit up YouTube if you want to check them out for sure!)

Honestly mate; EVERYONE is (note present tense) talking about you and trying to get their hands on your song. Word is getting out about Airplanes Part II and we in NZ are waiting for that to come out as a single! If it doesn't that would be a massive blow to us! You may want to know your song MAGIC is now no.9 without a music video and Airplanes is still at no.8! You are getting attention and I really hope you capitalise!!

I also personally love your album. My favourite song is Airplanes PartII but Past my Shades, Magic, Lovelier than you, Don't let me fall and Fame are also played extremely often. I think with albums there are a lot of inferior songs with a hit or two. You broke away from this cliché! One of the great debut albums imo! I really hope you understand how popular you are over here and how much so many of us love you! I think my family is starting to memorise the lyrics from your album too! Haha :)

I heard you on the new music selector (radio) with Airplanes. The next day I had the album. If you can pull people in like that, you are destined to be a great musician. No matter which singles you release off this album I'm eager for another.

I wish you the best of luck no matter what singles you release next. (Figures crossed for Airplanes PartII!)

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Hey, love the music and the music videos so far. And i really love the new single "Magic". Im a semi-pro magician and have a crazy idea for the music video should you ever make one. There is a little known sub-category of magic called flourishing. Im gonna include some links to vid's of it. Its visual, crazy and awesome. Throw that in a music video with some crazy visual magic tricks, some dancers and B.O.B doing his thing at the center of it and you got a hit. If you want to know more about the art or who to contact to make it happen as far as in the magic community, leave some feedback on my comment and i'll send more contact info for me. If not, im sure the music video will be killer anyways. Keep up the incredible music.

here's the vids.

i dont own the rights to any of the vids nor are they of me. just a sample of the art

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Does Anybody know if B.O.B. gonna make a show in Vegas on Octuber 15 , because in the Mandalay Bay website does not say anything and I want to get tickets...big big fan from Mexico

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Very nice website, but maybe the webteam could create an Inbox too?

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Hi bobby,
i come from Germany and i follow your music since 2 years.
I really like your music like mellow fellow or ghost in a machine.
Here in Germany, you wasn't so popular, but with your featuring with Bruno Mars you came up :)

But i have a question:
Is your life now better? you're now famous!

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How about an Europe Store etc?
then every fan outside America can buy merchandise too

leighton's picture

i fink u are great

Julian's picture

The album was great even if it was more pop oriented than mixtape stuff. People will get mad at you no matter what your music is like as soon as you get popular so I wouldn't worry about it. You should have put 'The rain' on the album though I think that's your best song yet, or maybe Can I Fly...Anyway, my suggestion is to make a Generation Lost T-shirt for the store with a pic of you trying to hitch-hike on the side of the road from that $300 dollar music video of yours. I would buy that.

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totally agree, really sad to see when i've supported him since day one.

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If b.o.b looks at this i would be amazed and i hope he takes what i have to say seriously. bobby im glad you whent mainstream and have gained popularity, thats cool, but dued what the hell happend to your music! remember "generation lost", "ill be in the sky","cloud 9", remember those songs that started to kick off your career? you turning into another mainstream rapper and with that comes shit music. remember when you said "i turn on the radio and out comes crap" you music is soon gonna become that "crap". stay true to what first made you known. if you read this thanks, im not a hater iv been fallowing you throughout most of your career and will always no matter what you start singing, but please kick it old school. peace

Fiona..(:'s picture

Please come to Ireland..!:)

Misguidedghost's picture

Come to Connecticut please!!!

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he needs to have a concert in atlanta asap!!