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    Feedback and Suggestions
    SAYS WebCrew
    (24 May '10)

    Post your feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, in this new thread.

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on May 24, 2010
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Post your feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, in this new thread.

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I LUV you B.O.B. Come to Orlando Florida

leeland's picture

WTH no show in vegas tonight?

Mr.Slanman's picture

Im 45 Years old And have been a rock & roll fan for 30 years my girlfriend turned me on to B.O.B a few months ago and I liked it we just returned from the Lawrence Ks show (our home town) and i must say it is not @ all what i expected It was great and closing the show with Kids Wow carry on you are going to go a long way.

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@ITSME: This show is only open to students of the University of Kansas.

Breezy_2's picture

Can't wait for the gigs in London - but how do you buy tickets? I can't find them on any websites. Thanks.

ItsMe's picture

The site says there's a concert in Lawrence,KS on the 7th of October. Is this accurate? I can't find any information on how to buy tickets, how much tickets are, and other concert sites say nothing of this date and venue.

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@GYOUNGIT- Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The correct date is 10/11. The tour dates section will be updated shortly.

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your site says youll be in NM (sunshine theater) on 10/17, Sunshine's site says youre gonna be there on 10/11. When is the correct date? Thanks

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I think that B.o.B should come to Australia ! :)

Dodgerelf12's picture

Come to Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, PLEASE!!!

Mikey P's picture

There needs to be more information about the October 30th show in Washington DC. It's the same day as the Rally to Restore Sanity/March to Keep Fear Alive, so there will already be a ton of people in the city, and I'd love to see the concert. Where is it, what time, how much do tickets cost, where do I get them? I can't find this information anywhere.

walrus's picture

Where do I get permission to use a song in my vid. for youtube

maddikins769's picture

please come to huntsville alabama!

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PAAHHLEASE come to New England! I missed your concert when you came to boston over the summer but I heard it was dope and my friend even rapped for you! I live in New Hampshire and would love to see you soon. I won't even ask you to come to University of New Hampshire because that is so far fetched but boston or ct or vt? If it was the summer and I wasn't in school I would easily drive to see you somewhere far!


ripdca's picture

hey this may have nothing to do with anything but does anybody know the name of the jacket b.o.b is wearing in the video to nothin on you?

LILDARRYLiAM's picture

u kno i wish u all the well.. EASTSIDES OWN.

Larine's picture

I don't normally leave messages like this, but I just want B.O.B to know that he is one of the better artists that is doing somehing positive and original with music today. I appreciate his positive messages, and find him to be a breath of fresh air. Please continue to make good music. If you change only do it for the better, you have a gift, and I wish you all the success in the world.

God Bless

leeland's picture

Can you PLEASE! play stuff of your mixtapes when you come to vegas!
use your love?
dont break my heart?

Mister's picture

B.O.B your music is 4 real but u need 2 come 2 Knoxville,TN 2 perform

Ross Bradley's picture

Merchandise: How about the jacket and/or shirt from the album cover?
More apparel! That's the main jist, I just want to rep more B.o.B

Feedback on the Past my shades, shades: after about 2-3 weeks of wearing them the writing on the side started to fall off. They were pretty cheap

WakeSteve's picture

You should come play an event for our fraternity at Wake Forest. Email me if it's a possibility or if you're interested.

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You are an amazing rapper and i just got through listening to ghost in the machine and that song has become one of my favorite songs. I think at least once a day i have to hear that song lol. But really you are one of my favorite rap artist and my friend introduced me to you first when i listened to ill be in the sky. If i may so is a beast behind song. And then i heard your name on the radio once and it was for a new song of yours, nothin on you, which i instantly fell in love with and get hype to when i'm in the car. But to make a long story short, it would be really cool if you made a song feat owl city because i think it would be really cool to hear a song developed by you two.

ALR95's picture

I think you should come to chattanooga TN and play at the mckenzie arena I haven't been to any of your concerts but i plan to i hope i get to go to one of your concerts soon

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You should come play at Temple University in Philly! Lots of people would love that

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(Continued from below)

Someone had to build it before us – our parents or parent’s parents. Some of our parents never had a chance. We suffered from racial discrimination, inaccessible education, and other features of poverty. My mom came from the Philippines with nothing but a baby and severely schizophrenic American husband. Here I am trying to make it, and teach her how important it is to make it. She kicks ass and works unbelievably hard, but she still don’t have shit. Really, though, I don’t know if she even wants shit. She sends money back to the Philippines to educate kids in the family, buy food, and pay for health care like there’s no tomorrow. Really, she’s doing what she came here to do. It’s me that’s broken up, because I feel like I’m struggling to make it. I need to appreciate that my life is good, way better than it could have been.

BUT, I WANT TO FUCKING MAKE IT. I just put myself through grad school. I earned my MBA at 30 three months ago and I’m still check to check. What the fuck! I’m just starting the road to making it. I’m buying houses. I now have four, three that I rent. I’m just starting to understand credit, and I want my friends to understand it too. They don’t, and I can’t get through to them. I don’t know how I can explain that while it’s done nothing but fuck our lives up and our parents live up to this point, we can make it work for us. We can have something someday if we just do something about it. I’m a realtor now, and I’m trying to get my friends to buy into the idea that we can make money with our strong credit. We just gotta make it happen.

AgentLuke's picture

Damn, bro. I like your style. I'm listening to your jams now, and I like your lyrical focus. I wrote this after listening to some of your songs. Could you write one about this, please?

It makes me sad that we never had a chance. We’re poor, and even though I work hard and my mom works hard and my friends dream hard, we still live check to check. We can’t transcend. We still live threatened by bills and credit cards and taxes and it’s all too much. Others born with silver spoons avoid these fears all together. We make one mistake and take two months off and then all of a sudden everything begins to cost us more, because our credit rating suffers. We have no cash. We have no cushion. We could financially perish at any moment.

We still experience joy, and we can still be happy, but why must we live in peril. It’s so bad that most of us don’t even understand it our finances or try to understand how they affect our life. The sad thing is that understanding them is the only thing that will save us. Then, here’s the kicker, we get to the point that we understand finances, and we still can’t do anything about our situation. It’s too late. Our credit is fucked and we don’t have any money or credit to leverage. It seems hopeless, and that makes a person think that even getting up off their ass won’t truly help. But, that’s because we can’t see that far into the future and we’ve never seen anybody do it before. So, we can’t believe it can really happen unless we totally go against everything we’ve ever seen first hand.

(Continued in next post)

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hi me chantz

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May we please have a collaboration with Tracy Chapman.

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Bobby Ray, keep doing your thing, we need more people in the rap game like you, that aren't talking about blunts bitches and 40's. Love you man, keep educating the youth, Konya lost his way.