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    Feedback and Suggestions
    SAYS WebCrew
    (24 May '10)

    Post your feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, in this new thread.

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on May 24, 2010
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Post your feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, in this new thread.

Lola Logan's picture

Hi,BOB.I want to cry.Why so hard to reach you.????? I Iike your style.Your music is amazing.I wish you to be successful for every time.Never give up.DO NOT FORGET:YOU ARE SPECIAL ONE.............I WISH YOU ALL OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THINGS IN LIFE.BEEEE HAPPPYYY----OK????bye-bye

flippinpeople's picture

Hello we r students at the FLippin Middle School in Arkansas. We need ur help to win 8 gig iPods and flip cameras! We need to ask a few questions?!? Will u HELP us!!!!!:)

What is ur favorite food?!?

Do u have a wife?!?

Do u have any siblings?!?

What is ur favorite color?!?


Young Z's picture

Check me out dancin to BoB's Magic song at my talent show.

wyattjo116's picture

I think that if you guys moved the navigation bar to the very top of the website it would give it a cleaner more polished look. also maybe increasing the width of the webpage would allow for more content to be seen at once. otherwise i see it as a very clean polished, artsy and beautiful website. it is rare for me to go to a website that is this easy to use and aesthetically appealing

krystal clear's picture

I'm from Barbados, lil isle in the Caribbbean and I appreciate Hip Hop and how it has affect my life even more because of your contribution to hip hop. Keep up the great work and I love your flow.........

coni's picture

B.o.B please come to CHILE

TeeTee's picture

I just saw "Don't Let Me Fall", I loved it. The video and the song?

BadBadLB's picture

Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish, Adonai 'Tsebayoth

BadBadLB's picture

And if anyone else got that please forward it to Bobby Ray, let him make the decision ok. Thank, I think I'm gonna owe you one.

BadBadLB's picture

Next time your in Miami
Holla at Me
I got a couple questions for you
But I need to ask em privately
Because I've seen the things you see
And the way you change lives with the beat
And I just want to fight the war
And change history
I wasn't actually gonna write
But my momma told me to try
So here's my message to B dot O dot B
Just add me at leroy dot brown dot iv
At gmail dot com
Come find out what I'm on
Been tryna find cloud nine but I've been lost for too long
So air plane, air plane, sorry I'm late
I'm here right now so don't close that gate
But if you don't get this
Then I'll switch my flight
And I'll be right back at it by the end of the night

I will continue to grind, and continue to hustle, even in the midst of hate...

WebCrew's picture

Hi Anake Clarke,

You can comment on the blogs, photos, videos and discussion boards.

Anake Clarke's picture

What could you do to help me become more involved and have more fun on Please reply.

Anake Clarke's picture

I really want 2 know when u will be coming 2 T&T.Please let me know.

Ms. LaLa's picture

i sooo love this guy very very talented ... his music is amazing!!!

B.o.B idol boy's picture

B.o.B man you are my idol and i look up to you and i trying to make my own flows you inspired me to do so and it would be so cool to go to one of your shows

Ami's picture

Bobby, espero que estés luego por Chile( serás muuuuuy bienvenido) haciendo un espectacular concierto!!
chocobesos para ti!

Stephanie Taurus Moise's picture

hello bobby Ray my names taurus but society calls me stephanie. im a upcoming artist and i just wanna say thank u for the music that you write the words that you say. u speak so much truth. i love what it is you do. cant really say what i wanna say on here regarding ur lyrics the space talk n all that jus kno i can relate and im glad that i aint the only one up there... one day i hope to work with you i believe that great minds think alike God bless in all ur success continue to do you which i know you will.

scottdiesel33's picture

Hey man are you really from Winston-Salem? I live there and if you really are from there then you are truly reppin the tre fo.

david_5's picture

Dr. Aden really is a breakthrough song in terms of exposing government cover-ups... and if you really wanna "do your own research, and make your own mind up" like bob says, then you gotta check this out... ... and heres a good interview with Dr. Steven Greer

dnelson89's picture

Hey so i'm probably not the first person to request a song for you to perform at a concert, so i know i'm not really all that special. I'm just a big fan of Don't Break My Heart, and I know my friend Meredith G, who will be attending your show tomorrow, loves it too. Its a great song, and she's a great girl, so do me a favor and rock that on your setlist tomorrow and in the future

MarkXIX's picture

You should seriously consider lending your musical greatness on "Ghost in the Machine" to a public awareness campaign for suicide prevention in the military. This song is so haunting in its vocals and lyrics in how it captures the feelings of our warriors who give it all, only to end it all when they come home as "ghosts in the machine".

The website below is a good place to start in trying to do something like this. Thank you for such a great record and an even greater album.


Mark F. @ US Army

504nmg78's picture

LOVE this CD!!!!! Was worth buying and yes I actually went and bought it 1st CD I've bought in a long time. Great beats and original sound keep up the hard work. Nice to hear some real music and it doesn't sound like everyone else out there!!!!

todrol's picture

hey bobby ray whats up im from mongolia, do you know? i'm not ur fan but i like your some songs. your songs are great. i like music. i think your beat and your songs are new genre you know what im talking. so my id is dont stop your beat and soul man your songs are need the world ;)

Tapiwanashe Mhlanga's picture

Hey yall am gud.juss wanted 2 give a megalicious shoutout 2 mi boy B.o.B.....u're doing
it baby boy kip da fire burning & ol da otha crazy,coolest & bestest B.o.B fans u guys sure rock!!!!!

Jenn's picture

Got my tickets to Smith's...can't wait to see you and the band on Christmas Eve...also excited for the new mixtape! Happy Late Birthday!

Lady Heather's picture

I absolutely love "Don't Let Me Fall"!!! It is one of my favorites amongst others on the new album. This song in particular is very relative to my own life. I play it everyday as I set out to make a difference. Keep doing your thing Bobby Ray!!!

emmy.sophiee.babee's picture

right,, im sorry to all youu english fans out theree,, but i am B.o.B's BIGGEST fan,, from like the very first month he started, i was already listninn to him,, i relate to him so much, im always singing his songs, generation lost, ahh, i love that onee! my brother went to your concert in london, and when you sung that song he was the one singing along with you, who you pointed at, and said something to(:, i know that you started rapping when you were 13, your from atlantaa, you got signed when you were 17, you have 3 albums - eastside, 12th dimension and the adventrues of bobby ray, ooh, i cood go on. lol both my and my brothers rooms are covered in posters of youu(:,, ahh,, would just like you too see this, as tbh it feels like i know you, i wood really love to meet youu(:, love emmy xx
oh and the fan below, yeaa im sorry but i feel exactlyy the same as youu,, youu feel like you know him so well, but you just seem like an ordinary fan to him, yeaa he probably gets these messages all the time, but if i cood have one dream, one wish it wood be to just meet him, its quite impossible to explain it, you no, but i really do hope you see that im not just any ordinary fan, i really do love your music, (:

WARNING's picture

Ey BoB (PLEASE READ THE WHOLE OF THIS)its WARNING here ur no.1 fan in South Africa,i just wanted to tell u that i really relate to ur lyrics on Airplanes pt 2 coz thats how ma life is.I live hip hop and all i wanna do is rap n make music just like u...i sampled ur track Ghost in a machine and how i wish u would hear it.after losin both ma parents ma biggest dream was to go 2 da USA 2 study,pursue ma hip hop dream and stay there but i guess dreams neva come true coz if they did i would be living a betta life.Honestly speaking i really love ur album coz i really think i know how uve struggled and work hard to achieve where u are right now...i know that i maybe any ordinary fan 2 u but jst know that im not,please drop me ur email address to and u will be suprised 2 hear what i have 4 u...please do it(i hope god will answer atleast that 1 prayer)...i will be hoping and praying...KEEP MAKING MUSIC SOUND GOOD!

aproctor113's picture

Lyrics for Airplanes Pt. 2 have a mistake: it's "He’s gonna have a hard time explaining to Haley and LANEY these food stamps and WIC shit."

But anyways, amazing song! Eminem has been my favorite rapper for a long time, and B.O.B. brings a lot of innovation into an already strong ATL scene. You're both inspiring!

Leo's picture

B.o.B you should add Don't Break My Heart to iTunes please its SUCH an AMAZING song