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    Feedback and Suggestions
    SAYS WebCrew
    (24 May '10)

    Post your feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, in this new thread.

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on May 24, 2010
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Post your feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, in this new thread.

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yea man just a suggestion on a video idea and thought u may b one of the only dudes to do it n do it right. Make a video that would b made in todays concepts of $, cars < girls, jewelry, ect. but use all the old 80s stuff example big fat gold chains, cameros and trans ams actual mix tapes (not cds) 80s clothes a lil b-boy style ect i just thought it was a cool idea maybe not idk let me no i hope u r one of those stars that actually checks his shit tx man peace

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Hey, just wanna let you know that the titles are wrong on the "B.o.B vs Bobby Ray"- mixtape on Spotify. Seems like they mixed up the songs with the titles. have a great day. seeya

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PLEASE COME TO GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i have a a fan o B.o.B. and mymost favorite song is I'll Be In The Sky, however, it wasnt on the album...did i miss something? it came out in 2008 and it even has a muic video, but it wasnt on he CD...can someone help me out here? where is it? lol

s/n: keep doin what u doing u music and love ur flow...WHEN U COMING O HONOLUU???

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My name is Victor Novak, I'm a creative director of Czech branding agency "Higher".

I so impressed by your song with Jessie "Price Tag"!!! It's in my daily playlist. Since you give us nice songs I also want to share our love with you - my agency can do for you any kind of services for free - brand identity, graphic design and web design for free, it's just will be a great pleasure do something for you!

If you would be interesting, some of the best case studies and info about our international awards and recognitions you can see at our Behance profile:
My personal contact email: (at)

We will not disappointed you!

Kind regards,

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ay man i was at grad bash at universal studios on 5/6/11 and u killed that shit but yah im a cage fighter and the song airplanes got a big effect on my life due to a death in my fam and thats what i come out to so i can get pumped up but yah u killed that song at grad bash and it was crazy hope to see u in jacksonville one of these days and at one of my fights im undefeated right now and wanna keep it like that but yah mad props to u man u realy did work at ur concert !!!

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They can make a signing session in bavaria?Please please please!!!Please write back.
From Daniel Roith.

joey's picture

you chould come to bangor again i thought u were awsome. and u should bring bruno mars to do magic. BoB Respond to my comment plzz

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Please come to Holland for a major concert.

peries's picture

words kant xpress wat i think n feel about u! u love love ua music ...n dude u fly

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Come to Spain, specifically Barcelona please.

Don&#039;tletmefallBoB's picture

Don't let me fall is your best song, " what goes up must go down " but you will never fall! Ciao dall'Italia!!

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bob hope come to Brazil this would be very loco

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@tragically_hip: The user angel has been deleted. Thank you for your help.

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Can you add a link that we can email B.O.B? I live in the Bahamas and we can't do the texts that are promoted on the main page

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chantz love mom

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please sing so so at your concert in mahwah tomorrow

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Bobby man, I admire your music so much.

After 'Watchers' I've taken so much interest into your music, I love how honest and real your lyrics are and how you put so much of your heart and soul into your songs, people love you for that - we don't see much of that nowadays though, *cough VEVO cough*.

I was just wondering when are you coming to the UK? I've never liked a musician so much to go to his/her concert but it would pretty much be my dream to come see you live in person.

I had such a bad day today and your song 'I'll Be in the Sky' and 'Generation Lost' just made me feel so much better, I just love your songs and I don't know how to put it into words but they're just so amazing!

Keep it up man, you're like my hero Mr. Ray

Don't let yourself get killed by the watchers alright? (sshh)
It's a civilians' revenge.
Start spreadin' the news..

Come to Manchester man :)

Tom H

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I worked on the security team during last nights show at Xavier University. I was impressed with the show and after seeing some celebrities there in the past, i have to say B.O.B. was the coolest by far. Treated fans great and wasn't too good to sign some autographs. BIG THUMBS UP and recommend this show to everyone!!!!

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B.O.B. I am a huge fan! Working on a school project and wanted to ask some questions. Where do I send it?

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they should really upload the link to the song New York New York here a good quality one because all the links that i have found for this song the song sounds blurry or with static [sorry i really dont know how to explains it lol]

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how do i send b.o.b a fan letter?

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You cancelled your show in Iowa, except you didn't realize I planned my leave from Afghanistan so it would land on your show. I bought tickets and going was going to be a great way to end my short break home. I think you should cancell another show and still come. Iowa City is an amazing place and you wont regret it. Think about it? It would be the highlight of my leave from this place. Thanks.

bigvande's picture

Bobby ray. You've gotta come back to west Michigan. You KILLED it at fifth third Ballpark last summer, a good friend of mine caught your shoe. He went nuts. Don't blame him. Do all of us in Michigan a huge favor and come back. Think you could make my summer two years in a row?
-Max Vandewater.



@ BadBadLB says you are not alone...we can make a ripple in mia but together we can cleanse the world.


Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish, Adonai 'Tsebayoth