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Back and Forth

B.o.B Presents The Adventures of Bobby Ray


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B.o.B's biggest fan Jacob's picture

Your the best rapper even better than eminem. Bet I Bust is the best song. How do you play that song on drums?

altochic11's picture

This collaboration with Hayley and Eminem is absolutely amazing!!! Paramore is my favorite band and Eminem is my favorite rapper. Airplanes is probably one of the greatest collaborations I have heard in a while :)

therealest24's picture

Last night in Ann Arbor was raw. You guys are re-defining music. B.o.B.- you are such a sick performer, its crazy. Good luck with the tour, hope everything goes well.
- the dude you guys met last night in ann arbor after performing

tjs2411's picture

Check out some of these songs off his mixtapes. Mr. Bobby, The Rain, Trippin, Do you have the stamina, girl gotta girl, room 34, B is for B.o.B, Grip your body, use your love, One day, camera, mellow fellow, cloud 9, across the world, life of sin, no mans land, middle of the day, keft field...... I could go on but check these out too.. All you Haterz.

tjs2411's picture

Congrats man... You kill it. Last night in Royal Oak Theatre was redic! Thanks for all your music and I know you'll keep it coming...

Outis's picture

Congrats on Airplanes getting number 10 on the itunes charts. You two really deserve it.

2.SPA.C's picture

sry to say but im not really feeling "Bet i" ....but the lyrics are so awesome B.o.b forever, T.I. ur flow is so sharp, the other songs are all gunna be big, all my favorite haha

aher052's picture

man is the full version on here or are you just talking bout the snippet?

Yoshi_2's picture

For real, im really sad hes not advertising the songs on his mixtapes more. Change gonna come is the shit and so is Voltage and Fool for Love and Trippin... Shit man get more ppl into yo mixtapes!

Hitch's picture

Loving all these singles! I just hope that I'm able to "Complete my album" in iTunes so I can just get the rest of the album.

TheComicbookCrushKid's picture

Airplanes = Love

RaexUHDUHRR's picture

all of his stuff is amazing!
LOVE Airplanes with Hayley. Beautiful.
Nothin on You is awesome too.

Pops's picture

Airplanes was definitely worth the wait!

ParamoreAreMyMiracle<3's picture


ParamoreAreMyMiracle<3's picture

Can't wait for the full version of airplanes with eminem!

ParamoreAreMyMiracle<3's picture

OMG i am starting to get addicted to B.o.B!! he's amazing. and a rising star

gaaaaaaaaah  race's picture

same FriggenMike pretty much, what you just said.....(:

Maxamillion.'s picture

b.o.b is such a genius. haha his flow is so tight.

FriggenMike's picture

Can't wait to hear the Eminem version, cuz the first one is dope. Keep it up!

JR_4's picture

B.o.B -- rising star

NerdMeech's picture

LOL I was hoping to hear that track with Lupe.

skysilver's picture

just 3 released songs, airplanes came out today, check it out.

blake16's picture

so is there only 3 songs on the whole album? or just 3 released songs?

bourbeasly's picture

i was happps to find out 'nothin on you' went platinum. 'airplanes' was worth the wait, part II should be good too. Cannot wait to hear the whole album!!

eyeD's's picture

Dont let me fall has a AMAZING vibe roll one up to that!

king_pedgey's picture

damn you gotta be the best newcomer for ages you finna get to number one love ya music have real depth and meaning to it, as soon as you drop it ima cop it then roll one up and chill :) keep up the good work

nincogneato's picture

nothin on you...anymore need to be said?

Heather_2's picture

I saw your awesome show at the Filmore last night!!! I was so impressed! Amazing show!!! You def have new faithful fan! You are a REAL music and amazing lyricist! Great band that performs with you too! Love your positive message! Can't wait for the album! Best of luck to you! Stay real! stay humble! God Bless.

p.s. shout out to your hometown. Love ATL!

thenamezmacdaddy's picture

Hey B.O.B. i saw you at the Filmore last night and just wanted to tel you you put on one of the best performances ive ever seen in my life . I didnt know anything about you past Nothing On You but you definitely gained a fan with how you tore shit the fuck up yesterday . Flow is crazy, you're insanely lyrical, and above all a REAL musician . Much love and respect brotha cant wait for the album . BTW guitarsz name should be Fil since u whippd her out for the first time at the Filmore yesterday lol . Holla