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Back and Forth

B.o.B Presents The Adventures of Bobby Ray


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DirrtyRobin's picture

Why the HELL are there only 6 tracks when the album is so damn good?! Gimme More!

bmw89's picture

hey does anyone if this song B.o.B - Dont Break My Heart is on itunes? i cant find it anywhere

Pacolipicomb's picture

Love Bobby :D && his music is totally E P I C ?.

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celcius28's picture

Best album of all time........Bobby Ray is muziq........

yeah_kam's picture

really I think, D best r Airplanes, Past my shades & Bet I :)
this album is pretty cool. thanks to B.o.B. I started to listen a really different kind of music so... yeah... that's good.

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NothinOnUs96's picture

I've never heard a song that can tell a story like this one. You can almost imagine him in the clouds!

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Rοger's picture

i love " don't let me fall" most. it's great!

bighradb's picture

I have myself traveled the world and have been with some beautiful girls. This song is so true to the word thank you for the music.

Pato's picture

woow ... I love it!

Chrisipoo06's picture

love his style!

lilvel1011's picture

his iss real hiphop

Pretti B's picture

OMG i love them all!!!!!

kaylee:)'s picture

im trying to listen to past my shades but it always starts playing dont let me fall, i have nothing against the song but, ive listened to it like 1000000 times!

BigTimeNerd's picture

mann o mann i luv u b.o.b so much i luv bet i dats my song

MJL.'s picture

i love your album haha, most time so funny. on which album is 'Sing my song' ?

i ♥ B.O.B's picture

i ? yhu B.O.B yhu go hard in ya songz i ? ya lyrics nd yhu

Sarina's picture

Amazing album, Airplanes and Airplanes pt.2 lyrics are fantastic!

epicguy's picture

the best song on this album HAS to be airplanes Pt 2

jahi399's picture

yo 4real u tuff yo lik i hav nttn else 2 say...mot 2 sound lik a hater buh i thnk u can cum a lil harda n ya lyrics buh ya songs dem selves r freakn fav song 4rm u is airplanes pt 2 ft eminem nd hayley williams (who i love frm paramore...her voice is powerful)...dat song is powerful man u shuld deff make a video 4 it

T-George's picture

this is simply the greatest album of all time! if i could meet one person in the world it would be B.o.B.!!!!

ayo's picture

hey~ I heard a news now! you cover the Nothin' on you with Korean singer Jay park? OMG! XD!! I eagerly look forward to covering the song~!!!!!! =D

blackdiamond's picture

i agree i heard these song a thousand times and i still want to hear them again

pinx22's picture

love all the songs...i never get tired of listening to all of his songs especially his collaborations with different artists like hayley williams, eminem, T.I. etc...

Aom's picture

BOB you so cool ^^

JadaMarshalet's picture

omg. i love bobbby ray simmons jr. b.o.b makes really good music, im b.o.b's number one fan !

bobfanferhursurrre's picture

Your music is so good. I love when it gets stuck in my head.