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Back and Forth

B.o.B Presents The Adventures of Bobby Ray


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Devonn's picture

Wats up B.O.B. Man i just wanted 2 let you know that I realy realy understand What u sayin. And I wanted 2 show some respect 4 wat u tryna do. Peace.

Paulina's picture

b.O.b - THE KIDS !!


Atodam's picture

love this song (btw I BET I BUST!)

luv u B.O.B!!!!!!!

sherrien85's picture

Lovelier Than You is officially my new favorite song!! ;-)

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Lady Reek's picture

B.O.B, so proud of your work and success keep shining and take over time! Hope to see ya soon ;)

Beast11Ellis's picture

Love the album bro!! Airplanes Pt. II is my favorite song!! Wish yall would make a video for that song!! Great Job keep doing what ur doin!!

Brandon Varas ( M!!M.0)'s picture

is awesome the album , B.o.B you are awesome ,
este album es backam !! B.o.B lo Mejor

B.o.BLover's picture

i have this album!its awesome

sherrien85's picture

I'm feeling the whole album...because every song I can relate to ;-)'s picture

wat is the mixtape??

lil_white_rapper's picture

dude spitzz mellow

Fpsruss's picture

how do i get the mixtape?!?!?!?

thBEAT_Maker's picture

how do i download NO Genre MIXTAPE????? dont PISS ME OFF TONIGHT BOB.

Ross Bradley's picture

I heard 12 am central time somewhere.
then i heard its gotta become a trending shit.

oh shit! he's streaming!!

Dr.ShaneR's picture

It's been almost 40 minutes and I still can't download the mixtape.... fail

mlamont's picture

I'm over here scratching like a crackhead where's no genre????? My ears are due for some lyrical soundgasms right about now...

tmoney's picture

somebody help meeee ... this is making me crazyyyy

tmoney's picture

why can we not download no genre?????

mathiasgoalie's picture

I want no genre

maxnchls's picture

i need no genre!!!!!!!!!!!

DSwanson's picture

where can i get no genre?

mattwill13's picture

where do you download no genre?

taykay92_2's picture


Sharnita Benton's picture

i NEED this "No Genre"

Chris_6's picture

By far the best rapper alive. No Genre best be sick!

kamila's picture

i love your songs!!! :D

lenny's picture

i like the song: i got the magic

jehrenfried's picture

best singles for any album ever! can't wait for No Genre mixtape!