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Back and Forth

B.o.B Presents The Adventures of Bobby Ray


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Gabriel.12's picture

BOB without words to you I wish much success to you

Will_7's picture

Cool flows and beats.

Godmotherofsoul's picture

I cant figure out how to search. I want to listen to "One". Where is it. How do I get there?

dicemandan's picture

I once hated rap as a whole for a long time too. But with some help from my teenage niece, B.o.B, Eminem, Bruno Mars and Rihanna, songs like "Nothin' On You," "The Way You Lie," and "Airplanes" initially got my attention, in which I noticed someone figured out how to incorporate a nice mix of singing and mild rap and, as PI51 said, with quality instrumentals and lyrics with true meanings behind them.

I agree with another post in which someone suggested that B.o.B needs to get together with Bruno Mars more; those two could really tear it up (as long as Bruno keeps himself out of trouble with the law)! B.o.B's "Adventures" is the first album I have ever bought under this genre of music. There is a very good reason why!

....Yeah! ..... and that is how we do it .... and I'm gonna let this ride .... B.o.B ... and Bruno Mars! (Why?) "Cuz they got Nothin' On You (n-n-n-nothin' on you, n-nothin' on you)!

aj.hutchins16's picture

Come to Westfield State in MA! Or just go to UMass again, because that show was dope.

Freestyle607's picture

Come to URI

loic's picture

come to cameroon in africa or in montreal

thecmartins's picture

come to Brazil ):

Boul Fale's picture

Come to Chicago!!

Num3R0_uN0's picture

I rily luv ur music.... ur singin n rappin...superb!!!

Tea Likes B.o.B (CROATIA)'s picture

pls come in Croatia

Tea Likes B.o.B (CROATIA)'s picture

I love your songs are the best *____*

Marcos's picture

B.o.B YOUR FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pi51's picture

You know, I hated on rap as a whole for a long time, but let me just say that you most definitely helped me to realize that it isn't right to generalize an entire genre based on an assumption. It is very refreshing to me to hear a nice mix of singing and rapping with quality instrumentals and lyrics that actually have true meaning behind them.

nass's picture

anything new about songs????????????,

nass's picture

i like so mush airplanes :)

StrikerCharge's picture

No Future went soooo hard!!! We always would bump that song in the locker room before every track meet!!

l3ackman's picture

dude your mix-tapes are awesome!!! No Genre was one of the best things I've heard in a long while. Then your CD was very " Radio Friendly". i was wondering if your next album is going to be more hard, take no shit, mix-tape music, or more like a songs for the radio, so everybody like me CD?

jayesh's picture

B.O.B,,you are my fantasy,,just keep on makin' new songs,,just waiting for it

jamie jess's picture

hi b.o.b,i love your songs,but do you have new songs 2011?because i heard all your old songs,i just want something new

nastya_sergieva's picture

Baby you should go with me
Cause I can be the one you need
It is something about the way you are
You're my superstar

And I am your number one fan
Baby I'm your number one fan
said I'm your number one fan
Baby I'm your number one fan
I'll be your number one fan

Alex. :   D's picture

I love all the song of B.o.B ! I'm your number 1 fan ? I have 46 song including B.o.B in my ipod! I know all of them by heart!??????? I LOVE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH????

Xlem's picture

Best lyricist around, he IS a musical genius, he def puts his heart n soul into each track.

B.O.B.lover21's picture

I love dont let me fall and i'll be in the sky!! I learned piano 2 them rite away!!!!!!!!!

mzme's picture

WHERE CAN I GET "BEAST MODE"???!!! I want to downloaded ( and pay for it :)...but I cant find it ANYWHERE!!!... I'm ready to GO IN over not finding this song LOL

Linesh's picture

Hi B.O.B, I like your songs (Nothin' On You, Airplanes, Price Tag...) very much.

Anna Caroline's picture

Oi! Sou brasileira, moro em Marilia-SP! Eu amo o B.o.B. , as musicas dele são muito boas, e principalmente Magic!Parece que sinto a magica em mim quando ouço essa musica!?kk

MUSIC ALL DAY's picture

new york new york great song but you NEED TO GET IT ON ITUNES before people start forgetting about it!

letícia's picture

Olá , sou Brasileira i carioca , amoo todas as música , mais oq amei quando ouvii foi : 'Nothin 'On You Marte Bruno ft' .. Foi amor a primeira "ouvida" Rs ?

dadi.adi's picture

i live in brasil .i like music of b.o.b