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Happy Birthday B.o.B (Leave a Comment)


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on Nov 15, 2011

It's B.o.B's 23rd birthday today. Leave him a note below. He'll read them all. Also, see you tonight at Wild Bill's in Atlanta, GA. Let's get #BoBirthday trending on Twitter, eh? 


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CakesBo0 Honey #KingBack's picture

Oh yea Strange Clouds, True Tip Fan

CakesBo0 Honey #KingBack's picture

Happy Cake, Birth, B-day

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Was at Wild Bill's last night til 2:30 in the morning and my man BOB was still a no show at the event. I Thought he was better than that. Some people gotta work in the morning. Last Bobby Ray show for me!

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Happy birthday Bob. You make great music that is legendary. Keep doin what you do.

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But have a good birthday and keep making the best music in the world!

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Happy birthday, Mr. Bobby. I wasn't one of the people who didn't like your last album and said it was too mainstream, but I do hope that Strange Clouds isn't all mainstream. I have faith in you though. Your mixtape songs are just so incredibly good, don't be afraid to put stuff like that on the album! And also, just wondering, I don't remember ever hearing your signature laugh - "aha ahaaaa" - on the Adventures. I liked that laugh...a should bring it back. Ha. Just sayin.

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Happy B-Day Bob! You are such a beast and i hope your birthday is too. I just randomly went on your site today and saw it was you bday, and today is mine too so now i feel really awesome for some reason. You are the best!

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Yo B,Happy Birthday. .
Wish you all the best and keep making greatness :D
peace out

Daniuska Feria Grusky's picture

hola bobby felizz cumples q Dios te bendiga y te de muchos exitos te felicito en este dia :p

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Happy Birthday Bobby Ray!

Mom #2

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Happy B-Day Hope its EPIC

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Happy Birthday B.O.B.

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You are my inspiration to rap. Thank you for being who you are.

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Happy Birthday...hopefully see you tonight!!!!

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Happy Birthday Bobby Ray ;D From Wilson Pina, Portugal
Enjoy the day,

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Happy Birthday BOBBY RAY aka B.o.B!!!!!!

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Waddup doooe!! Happy birthday b.o.b.!! Keep delivering greatness

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ayyee bro just keep throwin down lyrics like u have been and u culd turn, well, i cant say worldwide sensation cuz u already there bro. happy birthday, and...
dont stop or slow down cuz the game never will,
beat all theze n****az like they aint real,
life is a rollercoaster, enjoy the ride while it lasts,
cuz all this s**t goes by way too fast.
keep yourself in check,
life is too fast to correct,
these rhymes mite suck
but i never did have any luck,
when it comes to rappin.
so as of this point i really dont GAF
but back 2 u man,
remember when u hear a B***h say some BS ignore it and move on.
how much u makin now? aint it round a few mill every cd that u make? i bet more than 90% dont make a tenth of what u make.
hell man. Honostly, i used 2 be a hater, i admit, but i have more respect for u now than ever.
Peace out bruh, i be wishin da best of luck.
From the most hated and bullied and hurt kid in my district,
Charles "the Pitbull" Hull.
P.S. i do amatuer fiting, (kickboxin, Muay Thai, and soon MMA) and when i make my first appearance and almost every fite after, im makin my entry song one of yours.

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I hope you have an awesome birthday Bobby Ray! Wish i was going to the it E.P.I.C. man!

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I want to wish you a happy birthday and I hope you have a good one!!!

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Happy Birthday, Bobby Ray aka B.o.B! ;) I wish u the best and kisses from Germany! ;D ?

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Yo bro! Keep doin yo thang and I'll keep listenin from Sweden. By the way, I used your verse from "The World Will Never Do" as the opening qoute for my masters paper. Let me know if your interested in reading it or at least seeing how I used your verse. The masters is in comparative education cause "I'm all about my brain like graduate students" and I'd like to bring the masses to critical consciousness through education rather than produce robots that are "slaves that don't know that [their] slaves" (Simmons, B.R. jr., 2009) ...haha sorry, just finished the paper and making sure to cite my sources. Anyways, my birthday present to you is the feature in my paper. Gratis! as the Swedes say. In case you're interested in the paper: Peace Bra!

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happy birthday bobby ray. you the shit n i would never flush. keep up the good work the game needs a change n u the one to do it. i hope this year u show people what is really good. HIGH IN THE SKY where we belong. annunaki i know whats good n i love it

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Man ! very happy birthday and greets from holland !!
Too bad I wasnt there !
you are my favorite rapper !

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... happy birthday again and 5 on the kush is amazing haha i thought it was on the album Strange Clouds but if its free that is perfectly fine with me ... HBDBoB

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happy birthday B.o.B ... im extremly pumped for MJ with Nelly and STRANGE CLOUDS (from tha kid who comments on everything) ... Every Play Is Crucial