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Back and Forth

Strange Clouds


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May 01, 2012
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b.o.b and kid cudi should make a song together. tht would be an awesome song.

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@bendover12 bob the thug is back and i ain't a fan.. listen to 'generation lost'(2009) and then 'how bout dat'(2012).. he used to wear a grill because it was the trend and apparently he's back at it


@ QUEENSHEEBA well you know he has two personas, B.o.B and Bobby Ray.
Bobby ray is who you see on songs like airplanes, the watchers, or DR. Aden and B.o.B is who you see in So so, strange clouds, or guest list.I think that he is just using more of B.o.B and less of Bobby ray.I would like to see a little more of bobby ray again.

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b.o.b should do a song with the game

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i agree with queen sheba b.o.b has changed you would think he'd be emcouraging people to be like him and it sounds like he's personally getting at someone when he says at the end of strange clouds "what you're hoping to accomplish i already done it...bitch" really? you aint have to do em like that bob lol damn sucks to be whoever he was talking about... but bob the thug thing aint cutting it for you i really hope like queen sheba said that u aint changing cause of the money we want old bobby ray back its good to make music for the streets but you should have been about the streets from the jump

QueenSheba's picture

Hi, I made a comment early and here I am again. I write this, praying that you B.O.B. will read it. You know, I thought you were going to be different when I heard "Dr. Aden" or "Watchers." And I thought that you were just going through a phase with "Strange Clouds." I figured that once you realized that all your REAL fans disagreed with what you were doing, that you would...I don't even know, I thought that you would wake up and transform back to your usual self. I just saw the music video for "How Bout Dat." I could talk about the disgusting lyrics, but the images were enough; anyone can compare "I'll Be in the Sky" and "How Bout Dat" and see the difference. YOU'VE CHANGED...and we don't like it. Your real fans are speaking out to you, trying to protect your soul...our hands are trying to protect the real you because we see you drifting off into the arms of all things secular...but if you don't want to protect yourself, and you want to, for lack of a better word, sell-out...then go right ahead. But your loosing your real fans and replacing them with all the things you once hated. If you ever come back, I'll be here. But I'm not for what you represent anymore.

bLuEz_LeGiT's picture

Epic so far cant wait to hear more songz!!

b.o.b lover_2's picture

this is my fav song

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@IncrediblePulk let me know what you think

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This song is good, mixtape was decent. Go back to the BoB vs Bobby Ray shit man that was legit. Be weird. Your uniqueness is what got you to this point, don't change now that you've made it. You aren't like them, so why are you trying to sound like them now?

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This song is an anthem

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love it man!
B.O.B Strange Clouds feat. Lil Wayne (Official Remix) Akz Never Back Down" OFFICIAL REMIX VIDEO WILL BE UP SOON! Make sure to go show your support and love, and also give some feedback on Akz's official Facebook fan page

MistaMane15's picture

strange clouds is a great song

Ran#D's picture

BoB man much love,
you deserve this fame
I love your music

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@KHALL just wait for his next song 'play the guitar'

katharinehall's picture

I've supported you since cloud 9 and you'll always be my favorite artist.. but I really am starting to miss that guitar.

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This has hints of what was good about BoB .... but just the hook. "These n****s wake up on my dick". Really Bobby? It came to this? I won't be going to your Christmas-Eve show at Smiths Old Bar if you keep this up, young man.

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NATALIA MARS WISNIEWSKI the song is "voltage"

Natalia Mars Wisniewski's picture

so i was at Rihanna's concert in June, and B.o.B was there... near the end of his performance, he sang this song with this "train" guy, and the song sounded like either "im talking about her" or "lighting bolt"... i loved that song! if any fan can help me, thats gonna mean ALOT to me... thanks :)

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Come back B.o.B. This aint you and you know it.

VincentGoodbrand's picture

When will the video come?

SheJusBlaze82's picture

LOVIN IT!! light it up i wanna see them strange clouds!

TeamRHI's picture

Awesome song! Check out my remix to it at
Or check out my remix of his former hit Airplanes at !!
please, it would mean a lot to me :)

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haters.. keep doin you and change the hip hop game

B.O.B.lover21's picture

luv the beat.. but i hav 2 agree with @QUEENSHEBA 2...

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man fuck what they say..i love your new shit keep it up man!!

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B.o.B what happened? You deviated from Generation Lost to this?! You use to say things in songs that meant something, "honestly, i dont even listen to rap, cause when i turn on the radio out comes crap." Now i turn on the radio and here is Strange Clouds. Radio off.


I have to agree with @QUEENSHEBA on this one! Not liking the new lyrics dude!

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Really? "All we do is pour it up? All we do is light it up?" What is this? This isn't the B.O.B I used to know. I remember when your music use to have meaning, that's the reason I supported I guess your just like everyone else.