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    Feedback and Suggestions
    SAYS WebCrew
    (24 May '10)

    Post your feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, in this new thread.

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on May 24, 2010
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Post your feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, in this new thread.

IzzyzzI's picture

I LOVE the new album! Best B.o.B album ever! I just can't stop listening to it.

skepticbuddhist's picture

dark lyrics's atheist and skepticism, are awesome bands for you, b.o.b. you are a great american buddhist!

jgreer4tre's picture

Im jammin hard out here in Htown bob

TanishaTilley's picture

im very new to this i just wanted to say you are a really good artist. you are actually a real artist for real. i just want to say it's good to finally have a artist out there thats not just doing it for the fame and the girls. just to do it because you love it and god has blessed you with that and that's good. so enjoy every moment of it and thank him for every minute. stay encouraged.

CurtisCreidReid's picture

Feel free to come back to England... any time... yeah!

rap enthusiast's picture

Someone's gotta know!, where can i find the jacket from strange clouds? the black one from the checkered floor scenes, again great song! but NEEEEDDDDD to know!

J.A.N.K.O's picture

I lost due the lyric contest while I have 63 likes? And number 5 has 58 likes, so how about that?

jgriff8199's picture

Please come to Detroit. I love you and just wanna see you live. You have inspired me to write myself. I own all of your songs on iTunes. I'm a 13 year old boy who just wants to see my favorite artist live. And also please get Where Are You [B.o.B. vs. Bobby Ray] ON THE FRIGGIN RADIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs.BobbyRaySimmons's picture

First i have to say (it's manditory) I LOVE YOU B.O.B !! and ... you should come to Philly ... or Jersey ... one of em ...

Patrick Ken Robinson's picture

Whats up, this is yah boy Patrick Ken Robinson a.k.a Polo. Im a young artist trying to get signed.

WeMakeParodies's picture

What is B.o.B.'s email address

The Guys Who Make Parodies

Googie22's picture

happy be-lated birthday b.o.b. i hope you enjoyed that awesome day.

LaZ's picture

I was just wondering where can you get that jacket (adidas originals) that B.o.B is wearing in his music video Beast Mode. It's on around the second minute, I have searched like the whole internet for it but it seems like it doesnt exist so i was wondering where i might get my hands on one of those jackets. :)

Googie22's picture

dude. you're one of my favorite artists next to lauryn hill and kirk franklin. you write, sing, rap and play instruments. there aren't too many artists in the music biz that does that. they either sing or rap and have other people write their material. you are unique and highly talented. i don't have many fav musical artists because many of them are in the biz for fame and money. thus far, you, ms. hill and mr. franklin have things to share lyrically and musically. i enjoyed your mixtapes and your first album. please don't go mainstream. now days all rappers talk about the same things.. money, cars, girls, and selling drugs. BORING AS HELL! rarely have i heard a rapper talking about not being from this planet. i thought that was weird but weird is unique. continue to be weird and not of this planet. i hope to hear more about your planet. i know too much of earth from most of these rappers. signing off Googie22

MPLSNOW's picture

MINNEAPOLIS. I'm begging you. Come on bro. You know you want to.

MPLSNOW's picture

And there are many peeps who would come see you. If you came to Minneapolis.

MPLSNOW's picture

It would be greatly appreciated if you came to Minneapolis.

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86TEXASREBEL's picture

If you're lookin to make some country music let me show you what i can do. You got a style that i think would do amazing things for the genre. With your backing i could be a face and voice behind somthing damn good in country music. Somthin real that the people would wanna shake their country asses to...

poetic titan's picture

please b.o.b reconise me you are the only rapper i feel that could understand me im a poet i do have a potentail and i do want to get signed or be apart of grand hustle lol but please rsvp me at my facebook search brandon mitchell itll say poetiv titan on the page please i will continue trying to get closer in contact with you

loic's picture

his conserts are cool i love his style

Tom's picture

Where can i have an intelligent convo with mr. Ray privately about his unique an truth revealing facts?.

Cha-cha Elsa Tesalonika's picture

TAKE A LOOK at my profile pict... do u recognioze WHOSE HIM?? :D

loic's picture

i like him he is handsome, talented, and also kind i wish i could meet him some day

Jerk International's picture

I lyk ya things man. am wishin ya step in ma country Uganda in East African. I wish ya de best.

malo's picture


malo's picture

COME TO WINNIPEG NOWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cha-cha Elsa Tesalonika's picture

U'RE REALLY AMAZING TODAY, Bobby!!! When u jumped on the crowd, I touched ur sweaty neck.. OMG!
I also met u. I hugged n kissed ur left cheek *can u remember it? xD*
I also made a graffiti for ya but I hv no time to give it. I fainted n when I sober, u're gone :(

INDONESIA REALLY NEEDS U. So pls, come back to JEKARDHA! I alwas wanna b ur #TEAMBOB. Dont worry bout number or us but our heart for ya :D

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